Review: The House Doesn’t Provide The Laughs That Are Expected 

There have been some great comedies from both Will Ferrell (Daddy’s Home) and Amy Poehler (Sisters). However, the film that brings them together didn’t provide the same laughs as their successors. Both Ferrell and Poehler are two of the funniest actors in the biz right now but that doesn’t make them bullet proof when it comes to their work. Every person has the potential of having a hit or miss. Sadly, The House is one of those misses as it provided mediocre comedy that even some of the actors themselves knew wasn’t up to par with their potential.


The comedic duo plays parents Scott and Kate to Alex Johansen (Ryan Simpkins) who is preparing herself to go to the college of her dreams. After receiving acceptance letter, all that was left to do was collect the tuition money from the town run by Mayor Bob of their small town. The Mayor has decided to take the money and use it to give the town a community pool and so Scott and Kate need money and fast. Anything for your children right. Along with their good friend Frank (Jason Mantzoukas) who is going through some financial troubles of his own, they decide to open up a casino to raise enough money to solve all their problems and without the town sheriff and Mayor finding out about it.

“The film felt like a Mad Libs story”

Given the comedic powerhouse along with a huge supporting cast to add the laughs, there was probably too much opportunity to ad lib their lines. The film felt like a Mad Libs story. It felt pretty awkward that even the stars looked like they didn’t really believe what they were providing on screen. The movie starts off a little weird already hinting at a dull ride that only relied on the comedic styles of its stars and not the writing of the film itself. I do like the concept and the idea. I would say that there were a number of possibilities that could have happened in their man-made casino it just felt there was more they could do.


I did laugh out loud with some of the zingers these hot-headed feuding neighbors. It was fun to watch them go head to head letting off steam on each other as the Casino was more than just a place to gamble money but also to release some of the tension within themselves and onto others that have annoyed them living in a small town. The comedy also up its game on the violence and gross factor. Ferrell’s character starts to receive the nickname “The Butcher” later in the film. I will leave your imagination to put together how violent this movie became. More of a shocker than funny, it just came off a bit cheesy so in that regard it would depend on the type of humor you find funny and if it’s enough to make you pay for a ticket to see it on screen.


I can’t fully endorse and recommend this movie based on what I’ve seen. Should you not see the movie at all? The answer is no. I have seen better from these actors so this one I think can wait till Blu-ray or Netflix release. Watching it again, I would probably laugh at a few parts that I can still remember from the movie but overall it could have been better. Oddly enough, there is a potential for a sequel so we will see if this movie makes some money, we could see The Butcher resurface again.

2 1/2 out of 5


One thought on “Review: The House Doesn’t Provide The Laughs That Are Expected 

  1. Rigo says:

    I was expecting this movie to be funnier as well. Especially because of the casts’ reputation. There were a few funny scenes like the whole Butcher thing with Will Ferrell, but overall, in my opinion, the movie was pretty stupid. Stupid humor. Not really that brilliant.


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