Review: Despicable Me 3 Provides Just Enough To Keep The Fans Busy Until The Next Chapter

Despicable Me franchise isn’t well known for its gut bursting laughs or remembered movies. The film does have some good qualities bringing us the Minions who are a merchandise gold when it comes to marketing and sales. Steve Carell’s name attached to it with his unique voice acting to the lead character Gru just as unique as Mike Myers is to Shrek. What they lack in big laughs for both kids and adults they make up with a lot of heart. The story of a villain turned parent and hero overnight is a nice story.


Now the next chapter has arrived and the whole cast is back along with some new faces. It turns out that Gru has a long-lost twin brother Dru that he knew nothing about. Currently as an agent for the A.V.L, a husband to Lucy, a fellow agent, and father of three he left the world of villainy behind. With the arrival of his new brother, also voiced by Steve Carell, and a personal vendetta with current evil mastermind Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) the temptation to go back to his evil way reels its mischievous head.


One thing that this franchise is that they come up with some interesting characters. Specifically, with Balthazar Bratt, his style of crime is mixed in with 80’s dance moves into his movement and look which is very comical. Plus, the character also adds some nice music hits to listen to throughout the movie. The storyline behind Balthazar will look very familiar if you have been watching past animated good vs. evil films so nothing new there but the character is still fun to watch.


The Minions are starting to reach annoying status at this point. Their surprised antics and made up language was fun to listen to but after 3 movies and a spin-off of their own, which by the way was a not a good movie, the minion’s repetitive hijinks and humor definitely has fallen flat. They were given a bit of their own story line in the movie but not enough to raise the entertainment of the film.


Dru, is sort of the ying to Gru’s yang, the spy vs. spy counterpart, the quirky happy go lucky charm opposite Gru’s blunt honesty and cynical personality. It is a little bit of a treat to watch them get to know each other but not much quality time is spent on the two even if it seems like the movie’s primary focus is on them. 

Overall, Despicable Me 3 provides an okay ride into the secret agent game with child-like humor and new gadgets and the continuing quest for that fluffy unicorn. If only this film would up its game on the writing this would be a better entertaining feature. I have no doubt that this movie will make its money to continue the story with more sequels. I think it provides just enough entertainment for the little kids but as an adult, you have seen better. So, take a child with you and see the enjoyment on their faces to make a trip to the movies worth it. Otherwise, you can wait for this to reach the small screen.

3 out of 5


One thought on “Review: Despicable Me 3 Provides Just Enough To Keep The Fans Busy Until The Next Chapter

  1. Rigo says:

    I found this movie very entertaining even though it is obviously it’s for the kiddies. It just makes me connect with my inner child. Lol.

    I love Bratt, 80s music, and Dru who brings lots of spirit and fun to the movie.

    And, yeah, I’m sick of the Minions. Haha


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