Review: 7500, A Creepy Story Best Told As A Short Story Than A Full Length Film

7500 or Flight 7500 is just going to be another number besides Flight 180 to avoid when I take a flight to somewhere after watching this film. If I didn’t have a fear of flying already I have more of one now. I saw trailers to this film a long time ago and waited patiently for a release on the big or small screen but never got it. Even though movie was gone with no official release it was never forgotten. I always kept my eyes open for when it would be released for me to watch it. I decided to finally look on Amazon and there it was.

Why was I so eager to see this movie so much? Well, one reason could be the old saying, “You always want what you can’t have”. It could also be the fact that this movie was advertised around the time HBO’s True Blood was on and the popularity of Ryan Kwanten had skyrocketed with his good looks and charisma. Mainly, my reason is that I have special place in my movie heart for horror movies and seeing as I got a ghostly vibe from the trailer, those tend to get to me more than other types in the genre.

Here is a trailer to remind you what I was looking forward to.

Wanted to show you the teaser trailer. The less you know the better. So, as you can see, the trailer left you with a mystery as to what is going on and that just gives me more motivation to watch. Along with Kwanten is Leslie Bibb and Jaime Chung, who play the flight attendants on flight 7500. Also, no stranger to playing in horror movies is Johnathon Schaech as the pilot and other passengers who gets their own story lines include Amy Smart, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Jerry Ferrara to name a few.


While on board you learn a little bit about each featured character and the reason why they are heading to Tokyo or maybe even their current life or conflict they are facing. Mostly having to do with relationships issue but they all have something they are trying to get through or accomplish. For the first part of the film it is a little bit of a slow burn as we stumble around back and forth getting a little bit of character background until they have a bit of turbulence that leads to one of the passengers having a heart attack. That is when things start to get really weird. All of a sudden people start disappearing or encountering a force that is out to get them. It starts to get more interesting at this point but then now they stumble even some more with each character making horrible decision just to navigate through the plane trying to figure out and make sense of what is happening around them.

flight 7500

The acting guiding us through is on par at best but there is not much asked of the cast with a script that doesn’t give them any reason to put their best talent forward in this movie. The movie has the potential to become more annoying than frightening because they keep making bad choices. At some point, you just have to decide to sit back and just let the movie takes its course so you can find out what is causing all of this horror. Exploring the atmosphere of the plane had its moments. Creepy dark corners and small confide spaces made for a little bit of tension. The jump scares were a bit dull. I think what is going to keep your attention is figuring out what is going on.


I think the movie was written just for the ending. It is one of those stories that has a good outline and possibly a climax but just doesn’t know what to say in between. If it wasn’t for the ending and the explanation to what was happening on this flight with everyone this movie would have gotten a lower grade. I love how this movie wrapped up. It was something I didn’t guess and if you don’t think too hard about it, you may not get it either. Some of you may like to know everything before it happens but I think if you do, it may not be enjoyable to watch how it plays out.


In the end, I am grateful that I finally got to see a movie I have been waiting to see for a long time but this type of story would have made for a better short story or part of an anthology movie. Stretching this idea as a full-length movie I didn’t think was a good idea. The long awaiting for something to happen took too long taking most of the fun out of the movie and lowering the quality of the writing at the end of the day. I have seen some very effective short stories that develop the characters just enough for you to care for them and provide them with something to look forward to in a matter of minutes. This would have made a great Twilight Zone episode. It was smart to have this released for VOD or DVD vs. a wide release on the big screen.

3 out of 5


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