Trailer Talk with Rob: Geostorm, Wonder, and Beatriz At Dinner

No, I am not talking about the trailers that are mobile. I am talking about movie trailers that I have seen lately that really grabbed my attention. I love a good trailer. Usually when I go to the movies I have to see trailers. They just set the tone for me and gets me in the mood for the movie I am going to watch. One trailer involves a natural disaster while the other two talk on social issues and awareness. These trailers have already sold me and maybe they will convince you too. 



I love disaster films. It’s a genre that disappeared for a while that is slowly making a comeback. I remember watching the film 2012 (John Cusack) back in 2009 and then didn’t really return until San Andreas (Dwayne Johnson) came out in 2017. San Andreas reminded me how much I enjoy disaster films. So watching a trailer for Geostorm, which is about satellites that control the global climate starts to attack Earth. So any kind of natural weather disaster you can think of happens. 

Stars: Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia and more. 

Release Date: Oct. 20th 2017

I chose this trailer because I didn’t want to give too much away. There is something about not knowing too much about a film and just selling you on the point of the film and having the plot be revealed at a later time. Teaser Trailers like these that are done right are the best. This movie looks a lot of fun, nice action sequences, and more destruction then I have seen in a long time. My question would be from looking at it is there a terrorist act behind it. What is the plan of action to save the chosen “privilege” and is it a commentary movie on global warning. Time will tell but just for entertainment purposes, this looks like a good one. 


It was the poster that really grabbed my attention. Without even looking at who the cast was or the plot. I just wanted to know who was under that space helmet. Then I turn on the trailer and I see Julia Roberts, then I see Owen Wilson walking the kid in a space helmet to school. Is this going to be a movie where the kid never takes off the helmet and is dealing with the world. So watched more and the kid takes off the helmet. Once that happened, I was hooked. So many things went through my head at that moment but from those many thoughts the first one that popped in my head was, “This movie has Oscars written all over it.” 

Stars: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Daveed Diggs, and more.

Release Date: Nov. 17th 2017

Well just see for yourself. Watch the trailer:

Do you see what I mean? So many thoughts right? Jacob Tremblay blew me away with his role in Room (2015) and afterwards I wanted to see more of him because he is a brilliant actor and it looks like I got my wish. Even the voice over narration sounds good. My next thought was, “This movie needed to happen. Better late than never.” What I mean by that is just anyone with physical difference either born or inflicted to should have awareness and movies are one of many ways to do that. Plus it touches on one of the toughest things kids go through today and that’s bullying. Also showing how to deal with low self-esteem, body issues, how to overcome adversity. I am so glad this movie is being made. Plus, for those “Hamilton” fans, you will recognize that the man who played Thomas Jefferson, Daveed Riggs is his teacher. This is based on a book so who knows how much will be adapted to the movie. I hear the book is amazing as well. I get a big Simon Birch Martian Child vibe from it and that movie was excellent also.  I hope this movie is good and can tell we will be talking about it quite a bit after it comes out. 

Beatriz At Dinner

The Last Trailer I want to bring up is a drama that is filled with current social issues such as immigration and the death of endangered species. Which just from that sentence may not grab your attention right way. Hear me out. In the same vein in style in town from movies like: Carnage, The Last Supper, and The Dinner. I have seen the first two and will see the last very soon. It is a movie that could very well be a play on stage because it takes place mostly in one location and the writing style tells a narrative that forces you to use your imagination of the very subject they are talking about and watch different people from different backgrounds debate and discuss issues most of us are too afraid to talk about or too passionate and discuss it all the time.

Stars: Salma Hayek, John Lithgow, Connie Britton, Chloë Sevigny, and more

This dinner party has a great cast with an assorted bunch of personalities that has me very intrigued to see how it all turns out. Even with the hard issues that are not meant to be taken lightly are done in a comedic way as this movie is a comedy. I think with a cast this big, we are in for a treat and with a story like this the writing needs to be on point. These movies motivate great conversation which is what I love to do after watching movies so count me in with this one. 

What did you think of the trailers here on this list and if there are any others I should see, let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out. Thanks for reading.



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