Alien: Covenant: A Movie Refusing To Change Its Stripes

I can’t believe that its been 5 yrs since the last movie from the alien series. That abomination of a movie Prometheus was released back in 2012 and Michael Fassbender hasn’t aged a bit. I guess you can say the writers and Director Ridley Scott wanted to take their time to make the next installment done right. After watching Covenant, they would have achieved that goal had they gone off course just a little bit. Unfortunately, they decide to give the same ol’ same ol’ with updated special effects and more blood. I guess the saying goes; “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. If only they knew that it’s broken.


Welcome to Covenant a shipped filled with a crew that are destined to meet their fate as they have a date with a Xenomorph. Leading the crew is….well there are many Captains to this vessel and crew so I’ll just list the folks chosen to play the members of the Covenant. As I mentioned before Michael Fassbender is back as the android Walter. I know his name was David before and they will explain that. There is also Danny McBride (This is the End), Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them), Billy Crudup (Watchmen), and Jussie Smollett (Empire) to name a few who are transporting 2000+ human beings to a new planet to build another colony and start over but become distracted by the possibility to cut their travel time down by exploring an uncharted land newly discovered but soon find out that its the stomping grounds of something deadly just waiting come out and play. 


One thing this movie didn’t have a problem with was their effects. The way that these members were taken care of out was exceptional. Again, not veering off course, they bring back the aliens coming out of the body bit. Made famously from the original, this move doesn’t get old. This time they added a bit more blood and insides for our viewing pleasure. Each kill looked great and definitely deserves a cringe or two watching it. Also the deaths were choreographed better in this installment. While some of the crew who should have been wearing red shirts died really quickly without much screen time or dialogue, it was still pretty entertaining to watch them go.

aliencovWhich brings me to the aliens of the hour, the Xenomorphs. They looked great. From their first appearance from the stomach, to the fully grown menacing look we all come accustomed too, the design and movement of these extraterrestrials was pretty nice to watch. Their agility and their thirst for hunger made them pretty effective predators. Very creepy looking and didn’t hold anything back as they devoured their prey.

Another crew making horrible decisions that gets themselves killed.

So I just have one question which I’m sure has an easy answer but still confusing as to why there were so many couples in this crew working together. You would think in the future that working with a significant other while on an important mission could cloud judgment and cause danger to everyone on board. EH, that doesn’t stop this crew with making half-wit decisions jeopardizing the lives of those still cryogenically sleeping. They aren’t focused put their selfish needs first. To their defense, the way that they protect themselves, they do very well. Defending themselves against the aliens, these guys did not go down without a fight.


The performances were pretty solid. Whether they were scared, feeling sad, or playing hero, the acting was pretty good Unfortunately, Smollett could have used a bigger role. The way the movie played out, Smollett’s character didn’t have much time to shine except for showing one of his biggest assets if you know what I mean. What I mean is his body.  Of course Fassbender played the MVP of the movie taking on duel roles and showing some great fighting skills. Nice performance from him, especially from a scene that can be easily described as either narcissistic or homoerotic depending how you look at it. I can’t tell if it was offensive or not but there were some chuckles in the theatre once the scene played out.


The movie definitely tied into the previous film and made a lot more sense this time around. Almost a 2 hour flick, this movie was easy to follow and you definitely get an explanation on how this all started and the evolution of the Xenomorphs. I would say if you are going to see this movie, see it in theatres. It pays off to see it on the big screen. Also, if you are a big fan of sci-fi or the series itself it is worth a look. As a stand alone movie, the only thing fun about it are the deaths but the movies existence isn’t really necessary. As long as the fans continue to see them, the studio will find a way to extend the story more and more.

I will say that this movie is a better run than the movie Life released earlier this year. Sorry to say that scenes in between weren’t as entertaining as I’d hoped. So check out the trailer again, make a decision if this movie is for you. Most horror fans who have watch many many horror films will not see much new stuff to keep their attention. Those who are sensitive to violence and scare easy may enjoy their time but not a guarantee. There was a missed opportunity here to bring something new to the table but decided to go with the same formula to put more people in danger that could easily be avoided. Once the powers that be decide to change it up a little bit this series could be a lot better. 

2 out of 5

I appreciate the read as always, comment what you think of the movie and your opinion on the review. 


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