Movie Review: Train To Busan Gives Us a New Kind Of Zombie.

Sang-ho Yeon brings us an exhilarating and probably one of the most high energy and entertaining zombie movies. Without watching the trailer for this movie I decided to watch this film knowing little to nothing about it except for the plot of a father who is traveling with his daughter to Busan by train which at the same time a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, they must stay alive among the ones infected on the train. 

I would advise not watching the trailer when you watch this because you will be surprised with how different these zombies are that I believe will enhance your viewing with the element of surprise. In case you are curious here is the trailer:

This is Korea’s first attempt at a zombie movie and I think they succeeded in their debut. The movie stars Yoo Gong, who is not bad to look at by the way, as the lead playing the father who doesn’t have the best relationship with his daughter because of his job. It keeps him away from her as the mother lives in a different city. He does his best to be a Dad and show he cares but she isn’t falling for it and wishes to go live with her mother in Busan.

train-to-busan (1)The daughter played by Soo-an Kim does a brilliant job as the sweet little girl in the middle of it all who you would think the writers would write her character as someone who is constantly crying because of fear. Her character is just the opposite. Sure she is scared as they all are but she holds it together for her father and new connections she makes on the train during the fight for survival. 

One thing this movie got right was that we definitely care for these two to survive. There are other passengers as well that they put in the spotlight and Train to Busan manages to make us care for these people as well. That is a great ingredient to any good movie. 


Another thing they got right is the pace of the film. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, movies that take place in the span of 24 hours or less are usually destined for greatness if paired with a great plot. The idea of being on a train and dealing with a zombie virus is just a recipe for fun. Like the train, the zombie attack and the spread of the virus is non-stop keeping your attention throughout the whole film. Even though it was filmed mostly on a train, they made great use of space and was very believable in the action being brought to life on-screen. 

“Think the zombies from World War Z combined with the intense claustrophobia of Snowpiercers.”

You will probably have more fun with this movie than scares but that is okay. I think the emotion it projects and there are many of them you will feel from this movie it still manages to be creepy. The in-your-face shots of these zombies as they come charging towards the camera gives that heavy intensity to make it suspenseful. The score used to create that tension is spot on as well.


When you learn how this particular zombie virus operates, it will become apparent that this movie definitely stands out from the bunch and gives us a unique and creative idea to a familiar genre. The gore factor is low. There are intense death and imagery but it’s not a gore fest to turn you off from the story. Good amount of violence and blood that isn’t over the top. 

This movie is definitely worth a watch. I was able to view this on Netflix so make sure to view it before it gets removed. A heads up, this movie is subtitled. No dubbed in English voices. Trust me when I say it is easy to follow and doesn’t take too much focus from what you are looking at. By the end of this film, I was feeling all five emotions the movie Inside/Out presented. I felt them all and for a full-blown horror movie to achieve that I think is very good quality to have. This movie has a lot of heart and that was surprising to see with such a horror movie. I will let you read other reviews based on the technical side of the movie. My goal is to tell you how entertaining movies are and let me tell you from beginning to end this movie is very entertaining. I hope I get a follow up to this movie more like it from Korea. 

5 out of 5


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