Recommendations: The Game (1997)

Back again with another recommendation for you followers. I trust that you already know of this amazing film but in case you don’t I want to introduce you to a smart clever and twisty movie called The Game. To this day, this is one of the first movies that I watched that made me feel like an adult. With the cast, the plot, the tone, this movie shouldn’t have been on my radar as interest given how young I was when I watched it. I walked out feeling very sophisticated watching such an adult movie that made you think, pay attention, and listen to dialogue more than watching things blow up in front of you to keep you engaged.

The Game (1997)

Director: David Fincher
Writers: John Brancato & Michael Ferris

Cast: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger, and James Rebhorn

Plot: A wealthy banker on his 48th Birthday is set as an example as to test out what you give a man who has everything. That very gift is an opportunity to participate in a game. An interactive game involving mystery and adventure which turns his life upside down not knowing what is reality and what is the game.

David Fincher has done it again. Bringing us dark tones, somber music, serious damaged characters, and a full fledge mystery or puzzle for us to solve. He has a way to make the audience involved in what the characters in his movie are going through. The camera angles, the acting he brings out of his players makes you right there with them. He has a great way of leaving subtle hints for us to come back to later in the film and if you are paying attention you are rewarded.


The idea of playing a game like this is very interesting. Nowadays, electronically they have games like that everywhere from the Escape room and its many themes to the interactive apps and electronic games that puts you in the driver seat and simulate your own game and provide the outcome based on your choices. When you think back to 1997, there wasn’t anything of the sort so this plot definitely stands out giving you such curiosity.

Still holds as one of the biggest twist I have ever seen and experienced on the big screen.

Michael Douglas gives a great performance as a man who has definitely gone through lost as from early childhood. Even though he is all business he does have a little bit of a wild side to him. This side of him comes into play when he meets Christine (Deborah Kara Unger) a waitress he has more than one encounter with who is doing more than just ordering food. She seems to be involved more than she even thought she was. Without saying too much once these two get together is when the fun really begins. Even on the comical side there are a few parts that will make you chuckle amongst all the seriousness of the film.


This calculated game takes advantage of the environment and on location settings they were in. Each time you think he is not playing the game, the game continues to mess with him until soon he has to keep going and finish it in order for it to stop. Once you think you have it figured out, it throws another bone at you to keep you tripped and still trying to keep up.

I could go on and praise this movie more and more but I will leave you with when this movie comes to an end, you will either be surprised or maybe call bullshit and say “Yeah Right”. Either way you won’t see it coming and that is what is so great about this thriller. I had a friend who watched it back when it was first released. He actually stood up and was yelling at the screen based on what he saw.


If you haven’t seen this movie, check it out. I think this movie still works today and if you still haven’t heard about what happens in the film, you will be very satisfied. There is a little bit of a slow burn towards the middle of the film but stick with it. Still one of the best twist I have ever seen and experienced on the big screen.

If you have seen the movie, comment below and back me up here. Tell me what you thought of the film. I also want to hear from anyone who has seen it for the first time and what you thought about it.


One thought on “Recommendations: The Game (1997)

  1. Ben says:

    I saw The Game close to 20 years ago now, and this review/recommend really made me want to see it again, even already knowing the big reveal. Nicely done Rob 🙂 To anyone reading this who has not yet seen it, be sure to check it out. You will not be disappointed!


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