Movie Review: Sleight is a Grounded Story With a Superhero Twist

I was a bit surprised with how Sleight turned out. I kept the advertising tagline in my head the whole time “Chronicle meets Iron Man”. I was confused as to why they said Iron Man. You will find that out early in the film. I will honestly say I expected something else with that reveal but it doesn’t take away from the indie feel and charming aspect of the film.


There are two kinds of people going to this film. Those who want to see a challenge of a young adult trying to do the right thing by doing the wrong thing in a down to earth take on life’s struggles in the bad streets of Los Angeles OR you want to watch him use his powerful gifts against the people holding him back as if he were a superhero.

If you happen to be the former, you will receive a touching story involving Bo (Jacob Latimore), a guy who is taking care of his younger sister after the death of their mother. He does everything he can to keep the two of them afloat which includes being a street performer as a magician or selling drugs on the side for his boss Angelo (Dulé Hill). When his side job gets a little messy and way in over his head, he has to turn to drastic measures to get himself out of trouble and make sure that he and his little sister are safe.

If you are the latter, you will get a taste of these special effects in a realistic way that would remind you of movies like Unbreakable and Chronicle, or even the TV show “Heroes”. You will not get the over the top theatrics you see in some of these superhero movies like in Marvel and DC has been releasing. I think in this case that is okay. This movie is not meant to be anything like it and it’s refreshing to see something different every once in a while.


After watching Jacob Latimore in Collateral Beauty I was very impressed with his acting and he was the standout star in this movie as well. I hope to see a lot more of him. His style of acting just always plays out as just a normal guy that you can relate to. As if he is being himself and just saying the lines given to him. I think that pays off with this role. You do invest and care for what happens to him. Who also stood out was the impressive and beautiful Storm Reid (12 Years A Slave) who plays his little sister Tina. She was very believable as the young sister forced to group up in the short time after losing her parents. As an actress, she holds her own on screen. The role of Bo’s love interest Holly (Seychelle Gabriel) has a little bit of a story to tell also. Director J.D. Dillard does a great job inserting her and her back story into the picture without taking away from the focal point of the film. Holly was a little bit too perfect for me as a character. She just seems a little too good to be true but the main point was to make you believe these two are right for each other with not much time to tell it.


The movie does drag a bit towards the third act as you are just waiting for him to use the gifts he possesses towards his adversaries and there are more than one occasion you think its going to happen and they give you more melodrama to take in before the big finale. It could bring out the entertainment value for some people. The overall dilemma he is going through with surviving as a young black man and the peer pressure of working for someone who can easily end your life and the bond you have with someone who has helped you out in the past. The fight to go against that guilt and obligation he feels as well as the struggle to survive in a dog eat dog world is visible here.

So back to those two types of people, you will either be satisfied with the amount of drama and simplistic story given to us with a superhero twist or you may be someone who felt they were underwhelmed with the lack of special effects they could have put in the movie to make it more fun. There are other movies you could be watching at this time but I wouldn’t say I wasted my time with this film. I can say I have my new Halloween costume for 2017.


3 out of 5


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Sleight is a Grounded Story With a Superhero Twist

  1. This movie was well thought out and unique given the budget and timeline. I hear many people criticize this film, but have no complaints. Yes he could have done more, yes the girlfcould have been hotter or thick given today’s obsession with backsides. Romance scene could have been more graphic and more sexy could have been included throughout the movie, extras and actors. Bo kinda gives you the impression that he has been through a lot and most people can relate. The girlfriend is a dream come true. She’s too cute, too cool, and way to intelligent and understanding to be in her unique situation including giving Bo a chance. Those type of women wouldn’t pursue a smart guy with great ambitions and not a college student not grad, and pay the bills by hustling the streets doing magic tricks or making white cocaine turn to green money. Good girls would avoid this kinda dude especially after knowledge of illegal and immoral source of income. But by all means, this is a great film. Definitely worth watching and most certainly underrated and mal-promoted. That’s why nobody heard of it or flocked to go see it. Youngsters will be inspired by his persistent dedication to providing gor him and his sister. And knowing that he was living wrong. But was a good person. I like the way the girlfriend support himghrough his trials and tribulations unlike females today. She should advise young ladies on why it’s important to be supportive available, and trustworthy. They were so cute and respectful to each other and the movie dialoguedoesnt even mention some things but are well implied. Finally, the superhero he became was my favorite, to see. I can’t wait til part 2, I’m sure going to watch it because sleight had me wanting much more after I saw how cool, smart, humble, and creative he was when the movie unveiled his special gift and powers. Meta-human meets- genetically modified and electromechanical enhanced black genius that just so happened to be a certified street n*”””, d-boi, HUSTLER, and influential family man with strong values and ethical beliefs(only in the movies will a guy be well grounded and talented, yet loving and caring, while supporting a sibling without the system/gov assistance or a trust fund. He held it down) with stone gold heart and fearless warriors spirit. Great film. It supposed me, had no idea the end was gonna happen. And his girlfriend open the bathroom door late night because she couldn’t sleep without hin in bed, she was in awe when she saw the whole bathroom lit up, I’m assuming he perfected or enhanced his gift/tool/creation, or discovers something else more astonishing and groundbreaking than the eMag grown in his arm. Or the #Marvels #Magnetto #Magnus of #XMEN way he uses his gift or #Marvels #IronMan #TonyStark way he came to be under harsh pressure and unpleasant terms n environment. Please watch. You will be glad u did and a bit inspired. #IT #AppliedScience #Engineering #BlackFilms #BlackArtist #BlackColleges #SWAC #SWAC Champs #ASU #Braves

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