The Sexy Thriller Unforgettable Is Unfortunately Forgettable

800x450_1We have the first catfight of 2017. Two women who will go through great lengths to make sure they come out in the end victorious with the family they have always wanted. Both trying to outwit and outsmart each other but only one will become Best Mom of the Year. Before the fight, let’s introduce you to the two leading ladies:

Unforgettable2First up is the reigning champion Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl). Ex wife to David Connover (Geoff Stults) and mother to Lily. Rich and refine, she is described as poise, polished, and the perfect mother. Skills include, horseback riding, fashion sense, manipulation, sexting, and disturbing behavior. Willing to take out anyone in her way to get what she wants. Unfortunately, she comes with mommy issues to a former “Charlie’s Angels” Cheryl Ladd. Trying to live up to her image is her downfall but she has the craziness and determination to not go down without a fight…LITERALLY!

Unforgettable-actressHer opponent is newcomer Julia Banks (Rosario Dawson) the new woman in David’s life. Moved across cities to be with her man and future step-mom to Lily. She is independent, a leader, team player, likable, beautiful, sexy, and strong willed. She does come with some baggage. Julia has a shaky past that will not leave her alone. It could be her downfall. She will be tested to see if she can triumph over her adversary. Her best weapon is how much she loves David because anyone else would have run for the hills having to deal with this scorned ex-wife.

Who will come out with the win and be able to call themselves Mrs. Connover and have the life of their dreams? 


So you are probably wondering why did I see this movie anyways. Well for starters, I think the two leading women in the film were cast pretty good. Katherine Heigl has the reputation to be a little hard to work with and is rumored to be a bit of a meanie. So being cast as the villain seemed to be right up her alley. This is a long time coming from her earlier days when i first saw her in a freaky friday like movie Wish Upon A Star. She was such a sweetheart and picked happy and lighthearted roles. So yes, I jumped the chance to watch her play evil and see if the movie was going to attempt to top the amazing fight to the death between Beyonce and Ali Larter in the thriller Obsessed

Sadly that didn’t happen. This movie played me for a fool like the man of the house who clearly had no idea what was going on in his own home. Which is just one of the many predictable cliché moves you would find in a thriller like this. Anyone who has seen the trailer and any kind of TV spot ad for this movie knows what they are getting themselves into and knows Tessa is crazy as balls and Julia is going to be put through the ringer until she can’t take it anymore. So director Denise Di Novi, who is known for producing directed her first movie here only had one job to do and that was make it worth are wait until the final fight in the last act. Every calculated move Tessa creates has all been done before and by 2017 you would think they would have made up a better way to create suspense besides making it hard for Julia to finally take action on a clearly disturbed woman who is not going to stand by and watch her take her family away. 


So many opportunities for Julia to step in and claim her throne as Mommy of the house but of course, she is distracted by keeping secrets of her past away from her soon to be husband. Tessa’s main plot throughout the film is to bring back an abusive lover she use to be with out of the woodwork and back into Julia’s life to take care of her any way he wants so she can swoop in and take her rightful place back into David’s arms. Solely basing it on this I think is a waste and a huge opportunity for the two actresses to have more scenes together. Julia does put her foot down a couple of times but for the most part it’s out of fear or being erratic which doesn’t make her look any good in front of the daughter Lily or David. There is a little bit of envy and jealousy for one another which could have been interesting if executed better. Julia trying to live up to the perfect image of Tessa and Tessa wanting to be less of a tight ass and have fun once in a while and be less of a strict mother. These are just minor scenes that don’t expand past its introduction. 

The acting of Dawson and Heigl was on par with the parts they were given, but unfortunately it is not enough to save this movie from being a bit of a bore. There were a couple of jump scares that can be effective depending on the person and once it got violent it is a bit of a surprise at first but afterwards the suspense is lost on you. This used storyline doesn’t bring anything new to the table and the last fight scene concludes to a horrible anti climatic finish that doesn’t leave anything to remember. Not a movie you need to see in theatres but if you want to see Heigl be the evil scorned ex-wife out for blood, give it a go but wait till it’s on demand. Sometimes it’s good to see a bad movie and this could be just as entertaining. 

2 out of 5

I want to hear from you moviegeeks. After watching the trailer, what reason do you have for checking out the movie. Who here has no desire to watch it and why? I hope this review helped with deciding if this is a movie for you to see. Comment below and remember to subscribe to receive more reviews and recommendations. 


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