Movie Review: The Girl With All The Gifts is Original And Clever.

Based on the novel and screenplay of writer Mike R. Carey, director Colm McCarthy who is more known for his work on British TV series brings to life a unique and clever take on the zombie apocalypse. You thought you have seen it all with 28 days later. This movie will change the way you look at the “undead” or the virus that makes humans thirst for human blood. 

In this feature the setting is a dystopian time when a fungus have infected most of the world and the victims who have turned into ravenous cannibals have taken over. They are known as “the hungries”. I love the clever names each zombie movie comes up with besides using the term “zombies”. In the center is Melanie, who is known as a 2nd generation of hungries who were born or infected during the beginning of the end. The difference being that they still have intelligence and can speak and talk as if they were fully human but still crave the human flesh. Melanie could be the key to a cure but before we can find out all hell breaks loose and on the run is a scientist (Glenn Close) whose only purpose is to use Melanie for her trial to the cure and a teacher (Gemma Arterton) who has been teaching a group of 2nd gen hungries at a military base. Melanie has grown close to this teacher and the 3 along with a couple of Military men try to survive amongst the havoc.


Melanie, played by Sennia Nanua, who did a phenomenal job as the sweet little girl who is bright, empathic, and caring to her human companions. Trying to understand the world she lives in and the infection going on inside her. She is put to the test to see if she can control her hunger and not harm the people she cares about. Navigating through the movie through her point of view was done very well. I immediately sympathize with her and care for her. If you happen to feel the same way when you are introduced to her, the rest of the movie will be enjoyable. 

The rules for the hungries are different from what you are used to. I will not go through them one by one just so you can experience it for yourself and put together how it all works. Figuring it out on your own gives the movie more life as you watch it. I found the way the hungries operate and the difference between the 1st and 2nd gen infected works. It was sort of combination of common zombies vs. the fast pace crazy zombies you see in some of the latest movies. 


The setting they are exploring gives off a Hunger Games/Maze Runner type atmosphere. Lots of green and life left in the world but of course. Nature taken its course to cover most of the world including the cities and tall skyscrapers. Matched with the wardrobe of the neutral colors went well with the background they were navigating giving it a dystopian setting. There is a bit of gore and horror elements through the movie but I would categorize this more as a drama or thriller. There is a lot more heart and moral thinking in this film than there are scare tactics to keep your attention. The movie gives you something to think about. What is considered life? What makes us human? Whose life should be spared to save others? 

I believe that The Girl With All The Gifts will become a movie that people will remember after watching. It definitely separates itself from the bunch and sticks out because it does have some drama elements more than a horror one. You mostly see this sub genre used as a comedy i.e. Zombieland, Warm Bodies, Burying The Ex. This one stands out and is well written to make most horror hating movie watchers give this movie a try. The movie wraps up differently than I expected to and I have mad respect for the risk they took at the end. I highly recommend this movie if you find the plot and even the trailer interesting. 

This feature isn’t on Netflix. Try and pick one up at a Redbox if possible and also Amazon Prime. I am very picky now when it comes to purchasing movies. This is a movie to watch again when you are showing someone new to it. Otherwise, you may not get the urge to see it again. Nonetheless, if I noticed this movie in your collection, I’ll turn to you and say that you have good taste. 

4 1/2 out of 5

I would love to hear what you thought of the film. Did my review make this movie more enticing to see? Comment below and remember to follow my page for more reviews and recommendations in the future. 


One thought on “Movie Review: The Girl With All The Gifts is Original And Clever.

  1. I’ve not yet seen this movie, but I really want to!! For what it’s worth, this movie is based on a book by M.Carey (same title), and the book is fantastic. There’s a sequel book coming out soon, called The Boy On The Bridge.

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