Movie Review: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Rarely do I get a chance to watch these direct to video or direct to blu-ray, whatever is said nowadays, full length animated features. When I do, they are a lot of fun to watch and more adult than I would imagine. Say what you will about the DCU live action movies but what DC has over Marvel are their small screen films featuring our favorite heroes. These movies seem to have a way of keeping it light and fun enough for young teenagers to watch but making them just adult enough for those pushing 30 or even 40 and not feel like a kid watching them. 

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is just one of the few that have been released this year and more to come after this latest feature. The theme seems to be darker and a little moody then the others. The colors and tones are different and you can even tell in the choice of animation that they are trying to get away from the happy childlike look for them. If you were to look up the animation used on the CN (Cartoon Network) “Teen Titans Go” animation and compare it with this movie, you will see a huge difference. 


As for the movie, TT: TJC starts off with the titans encountering Starfire for the first time and integrating her into the team. There is a 5 year time jump and you see that the roster for the Teen Titans have change and its now led by Starfire with the team being Beast Boy, Raven, Beetlebug, Robin (Damian Wayne), and Tara the rock and stone controlling superhero. The previous leader Robin(Dick Grayson) has left and updated to the new status of Nightwing and works solo but helps the Titans when he can. As they go up against Deathstroke the team has to deal with their own personal crisis especially newcomer Tara who may or may not be an ally to the group. 

This movie was actually pretty good. Pretty entertaining and a great choices for the members of the team. You don’t get to see Teen Titan fan favorite Cyborg in this particular movie as he is a regular member of the group for the most part. There are also no sign of any of the adult superheroes or the Justice League in site. This is a stand alone Teen Titan movie. That is actually how I would prefer to see the movie featuring the younger group. The action sequences were great. Lots of fighting as well as great use of their powers. 


What also stood out was how much they paid attention to the dialogue and chemistry with the team. Especially with how they handled Tara and her struggle to open up and be a part of the team who is trying to include her in as family. There was also some other substantial side stories that involved how parents are dealing with their kid fighting crime on his own. Relationships are developed in a mature way as well. These are not crushes you would see in high school being played out. With playboy Beast Boy trying to win the affections of Tara is really entertaining. 

Overall the movie is pretty good. Some of the jokes hinted at sex and there is a small of amount of cursing involved so parents be cognizant about that. If you have a very smart intellectual child watching this and you think they will catch on to the hinted innuendos in the movie, they could possible catch on. I think this movie will keep your attention if you are a fan of these bunch of heroes. The voice casting is good with some familiar voices. Christina Ricci, Jake T. Austin, Taissa Fermiga, Miguel Ferrer, and Meg Foster to name a few. This feature is not available on Netflix but if you know your way around the computer, you might be able to find it. If you have Amazon Prime, you can check it out there. If you happen to be a collector of these animated titles, definitely make sure to put this in your collection. 

3 1/2 out of 5


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