Movie Review: Boss Baby Had a Great Premise But Not Much Laughs

 To be honest, this was not a movie that was on my list to see at first. Adapted from the 2010 children’s book for the same name written and illustrated by Maria Frazee comes the latest DreamWorks Animation feature Boss Baby. The trailer at first didn’t catch my attention as a must see but as I kept watching different trailers close to the release date I started laughing more and more so I figured why not. As long as it’s not a movie like Norm of the North I couldn’t have been that bad. Unfortunately, what I saw didn’t translate well watching the full feature.


The movie had a brilliant voice cast using Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Buscemi, and Tobey Maguire to play the main characters. Leading this feature is Alec Baldwin, who is the perfect actor to play Boss Baby, a briefcase business savvy baby sent to investigate and stop a plot that is making people love baby’s less. The story is told through Boss Baby’s older brother Tim who is use to being an only child and now has to share his parents with the new baby becomes suspicious and finds out that his little brother is no ordinary baby.

Boss Baby is a hybrid between the movies Baby Geniuses and Chicago.

So this movie was played in a very interesting way. There was a point in the movie where I didn’t know what was real to the characters or if it was just visible to Tim using his imagination. Especially with the baby talking, can anyone hear him talk or is it just Tim that can. Sort of in the same format that Stewie as a baby can be heard speaking perfect English by everyone except for the parents in Family Guy. Apparently, all the babies are like that and just playing a role of an infant that knows nothing. Then you have the setting where sometimes things will be happening but you don’t know if it’s happening all in the child’s imagination or happening that others can see. The movie would go into a scenery that his imagination will take the viewer and then cut back to the real world on what is really happening. I thought that concept was interesting because it is very similar with the movie Chicago where the lead would go off into a world in her head to make it look like the on stage performances she wish she was doing.

I hold animated kid films up on a pedestal with the expectation to be written and humorous as an adult comedy would be. In the sense that the humor is not just for kids but some mature or adult humor. So I either set myself up for disappointment or this movie just wasn’t that funny. There were times I did laugh out loud. There is a scene in the movie where I think they pulled from the latest Mad Max film Mad Max: Fury Road but overall I know a movie from DreamWorks can be really good with its writing. Boss Baby also had more of a family warm feeling to it that made the movie more heart warming and sentimental than laughable. Which is okay, just not what I was expecting. For some reason this movie was obsessed with showing this baby’s naked bare bum throughout the movie. I haven’t seen that much child nudity in an animated film ever. It’s not done in a weird inappropriate way just overdone.


I would say that this film is not a must see. Reading the audience watching it with me didn’t seem to laugh very much in the film but here is the thing, comedy is subjective and there is a big possibility that if you bring kids to this film, they may like it a lot to make the trip worth it. A lot of things happen in this film as far as action and keeping the story going the whole time. As an adult, it may fall flat compared to other great animated hits that were funny for adults. The story wrapped up nicely and when you find out the plot of this movie you could find it very interesting and unique for an hour and thirty-seven minute adventure. This story probably would have paid off more as a tv series rather than a full length movie. If it were just funnier than what it was I would have enjoyed it more.

2 out of 5

Thank you moviegeeks for reading my review. If you saw the movie, tell me your thoughts on the film in the comment section and tell me if my review helped you decide to see it or not to see it. Remember to subscribe to my page for upcoming reviews and articles. I am also on Instagram under moviegeekrob and Twitter under moviegeek81. Follow me and I’ll see you at the movies.


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