Movie Review: The Belko Experiment Will Either Stress You Out, Feel Disgusting, or Both

The Belko Experiment is one experiment that will be too much for anyone who has worked in an office to handle.

You think office jobs where you sit at a cubicle all day staring at a computer screen is boring. Try working at Belko Industries and see if you feel the same way. After watching The Belko Experiment I don’t believe I could ever look at my day job the same ever again. 

With a headcount of 80 employees on just a normal day of going into work, they are about to embark on a day that they did not see coming and couldn’t possibly wrap their heads around what was in store for them.

Not even before lunchtime their daily workplace is interrupted by a voice over the intercom to the whole building including the ONE security guard in the building that they are about to participate in an experiment that will result in most if not all of them dying. Through several rounds they are told that if they don’t kill a certain number of people within a specified time frame that more than double that number will be executed. 


The cast had a bunch of familiar faces that you have seen in smaller roles here and there. The most recognizable is Tony Goodwin (TV’s Scandal, Ghost) who plays boss man Barry Norris, other mentionables are John C. McGinley (TV’s Scrubs) Michael Rooker A.K.A. Merle from The Walking Dead, Adria Arjona (HBO’s True Detective, Emerald City), and the wonderful actress Rusty Schwimmer (The Perfect Storm, Twister). 

Since I already know what this movie is about just watching them go into work was stressful for me to watch because none of these people saw this coming. Their fates have already been decided once they drove through the gate and its gut wrenching to know that this could be the last day of their lives. 

So this latest horror and psychological flick freaked me out. This movie brings so much tension and unsettling feeling that they will not let you shake off through the whole film. This movie messes with your head by giving you little to no information about who these people are and just getting right to the action. Like any office setting, with your co-workers you only know who they turn into when they walk into work. Not knowing the kind of person they are at home, you have no idea who they’re and who is going to take advantage of this and show their true colors. That strategy can work or not depending who you are. Some viewers like someone to root for while some people would love to be left in the dark so they don’t get a hint as to who will be the last one standing from the bunch. 

When they finally realize that this is not a drill and not a joke, the game is on and these people start thinking for themselves in a very violent and bloody way. That rule when your job tells you that you can’t bring weapons to work. After this movie, you realize everything at the office can be used as a deadly object to take out that annoying co-worker who is always bragging about her numbers or that creepy guy who keeps checking you out when you walk down the hall. These kills are creative for sure. 

Being locked in with these people and made to survive makes a zombie apocalypse look like a cheesy carnival attraction. 

The body count and bloody mess is not discreet folks, this movie will gross you out. Especially for those who are not used to watching horror movies. What separates this film from most horror films is that these people are real. You see these people everyday when you walk down the street, when you call customer service, the one that checks you out at the counter of any retail store. Knowing that and watching these people get hurt in such a horrific way makes it pretty suspenseful. 

However, this story has been done before. Anyone who saw The Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or even The Experiment which I highly recommend by the way knows how these stories go. So not much new stuff or ideas was brought to the table. Just the location has changed. Sadly, that takes away making this movie stand out amongst the rest of films that are very similar. There was an opportunity here to make this a big hit but missed its mark which takes away the replay value of the film. 


If you want to see some good ol’ violent deaths and less story, maybe run your own bet in your head as to who will live and die, this movie will be a good one to watch. Of course, not for the faint of heart but just from the trailer, I think you know if this is a movie for you. 

Belko Experiment left me feeling uneasy but in a good way. What I love about formulas like these is that these movies that take place within a day works best. They get straight to the point and not waste anytime, you also get to see how people will react when fear and paranoia takes over and survival mode kicks in. The confined space of a theatre may get you more in the mood to feel the claustrophobic feel of this locked building filled with desperate  people otherwise this is a movie you can see at home. You bet your ass though, if they come out with a sequel I will be watching it.   

People, you make sure you kiss and hug your Mom, Dad, spouse, friend, etc. every day when they go off to work cause you never know.

Make sure to comment your thoughts on this movie and the review. I appreciate you reading my thoughts on the film. 

2 1/2 out of 5


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