Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast Is a Charming and Modern Take on the Disney Classic

I am reviewing this movie as a stand alone movie with little comparison to the Disney animated classic most people are used to. Providing you with info of this movie and how entertaining it is rather than compare the two will give you more insight on what to expect and if this live action movie is worth watching at the movies. 

Any story translated from animation/comic/video game to live action I look for one thing: How close they are on likeness in looks and mannerisms. Anything else regarding the movie is fair game. You can change the story, how it ends and begins, back story, etc. They picked a great cast for this movie. The casting of Le Fou played by Josh Gad and Lumiere played by Ewen McGregor were spot on in my opinion.



The production sets and costumes on the characters were pretty good. Definitely looked like a Disney film. The CGI effects of the household items looked really good. The beast looked great. There were times I couldn’t tell if it was all CGI or if it was a costume. 

I trust Bill Condon, the director, to deliver a solid musical. He directed Chicago and Dreamgirls which both provided great adaptation to visuals that compliments the feel you get from a stage play.The song and dance numbers were sung great as well. Visually I wanted more dance numbers along with their singing. Of course the biggest number “Be our Guest” had more going on but when you are using CGI and special effects for the number you can pretty much do what you want. 


The curse put upon the young prince was explained very well leaving little to no plot holes. Another thing I think this movie got right was putting more stake and responsibility into why the staff was cursed along with the Prince. Some of the situations leading up to the encounter with the beast was a little lazy to me. When you see how and why Belle’s father, Maurice was captured it just wasn’t filmed to be believable is one example. 

I never looked at this film to bring me a lot of laughs but it provided a couple of great laugh out loud moments. I gotta say some of the acting felt a little awkward at times but I guess they were trying to act as animated as possible. 

So I would say overall Beauty and the Beast is fun and a great reminder of why the “tale as old as time” is fun to watch. Bill Condon and players did a good job bringing these timeless characters to life. Great voice and singing work from most of the actors. This is a movie that I do recommend be seen. If you are a hardcore fan of the Disney animated film and want to see an exact replica of the original you will be disappointed. They do stray from the story a little bit and provide new and different ways to watch the story. Which brings me to my last critique and that’s this controversy and uproar I heard about with Gaston’s trustee sidekick LeFou possibly being gay in the film and how that would be deemed inappropriate with the material of the movie. 

3 out of 5

imageI am not going to stand on a soapbox too long about this but honestly, there are hardly any blatant obvious moments that would suggest he was gay. Walking into this movie, I thought I was going to see LeFou trying to make out with a man, attempt to steal a kiss from Gaston, or just flat out say, “I like men” or “I have a boyfriend”. Instead I saw a man who admired his friend for his physical prowess and what some people would call a bromance (a close but nonsexual relationship between two men among two men.) Some who were looking forward to seeing an out and proud gay character from LeFou could actually feel disappointed and that it didn’t really do a justice to even suggest it in the first place. I will let you decide on that. Any suggested dialogue or behavior that does suggest questioning his sexual orientation wouldn’t be anymore inappropriate as condoning a women being kidnapped and falling for the animal not man but animal that is holding her prisoner. Or that most of the women in the film other than Belle in that small provincial town practically throwing themselves at a man who clearly doesn’t respect women receive so much praise suggesting that women clearly only care about looks more than personality. If that is the message you would like to have young girls leave with. Have at it. 

Beauty and the Beast is known for its great message that its what’s inside that counts. Keep in mind the message of the film is that if we are supposed to look past what we see on the outside of someone and pay attention to who they are on the inside. I would think that applies to someone who may or not be interested in the same gender. Someone’s sexual orientation may be a part of who they are but doesn’t define them in the slightest. If you are okay with a girl falling in love with an animal in a romantic way, having a “gay” character in the same film shouldn’t rustle any feathers. Especially in 2017. I commend Condon for taking the risk to make this film his own and including such a character as well as providing us with not one but two interracial couples in the film too. Great job Bill Condon.

What did you think of the change of LeFou’s character? Did you enjoy this live-action take on the classic Disney Movie? What was your favorite part of the film? Comment and tell me what you thought of the film and this review. Thank you so much for reading moviegeeks. 

See you at the movies. 






4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast Is a Charming and Modern Take on the Disney Classic

    • Thank you for reading my review and your review on the same movie is well written. Agree with your opinion regarding Kevin Kline as Maurice. Nice Website as well. I appreciate the comment.


  1. The original (Disney cartoon) has always been my favorite and now the live action one is. I will still always love the original but this new one just blew my socks off! I loved the improvements they made on LeFou’s character, it sends a much better message to kids; don’t follow and idolize someone blindly and ignore their internal ugliness; be willing to see them for who they truly are, and then choose to be your own more noble self.

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