Review: Logan is Real, Gritty, and a Strong Redemption Story in More Ways Than One.

The time has come for Logan a.k.a The Wolverine to hang up his claws and go out with a bang or should I say “Snikt” in this particular case, as Hugh Jackman plays the rough around the edges hero one last time in the character’s latest movie titled Logan. Hugh Jackman has played The Wolverine in nine total movies from 2000 to present day. He has also voiced the character in video games as well as played himself in movies that would poke fun at the character as well.

Logan is very different from what you are used to seeing from this character as well as an X-men associated movie. First off, the movie is Rated-R. From what I heard about the graphic novel this story is based on, it was a smart choice to match the more adult and bloody content for authenticity. Second, this isn’t your typical X-men/superhero movie. No elaborate costumes, less special effect and ranged powers and abilities used, or the use of an over the top villain/hero game. 


This beautiful story is more of a journey of redemption. A chance for Wolverine to be a hero again and make sure that when all is done he can be proud of the legacy that has been created. This story takes place in the near future where mutants are close to extinct and the stories of the X-men were taken to be made into the comic book stories we are aware of today. Under the radar, Logan, who is a lot older since we last saw him, moonlight as a limo driver trying to save up enough cash so he can get away from the main land to take his long time and aging friend and father figure Charles Xavier out of harms way. Suddenly fate throws a curve ball his way by getting mixed up in one last mission, to save a little girl named Laura played by newcomer Dafne Keen who does a phenomenal job playing the Wolverine’s mini-me, from being captured by the people who made her into the same kind of mutant as Wolverine known as Weapon 23. During this mission he discovers much more about himself and now has a purpose in life that will change his life forever.

“This movie also says that you can have fictional elements such as mutants, superheroes, and all things supernatural and still give a very raw, edgy, and realistic human drama that relates to anyone.” 

Logan and Charles Xavier aren’t the only ones seeking redemption. 20th Century Fox also seeks redemption for taking a fan favorite character and creating two very weak and under developed movies X-men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine respectively. These movies were suppose to give fans what they all wanted, was more Wolverine but also telling his back story the hero was desperately trying to piece together throughout this series. As the only character to receive their own solo movie vs. other X-men who definitely deserve the solo treatment more: Jean Grey, Magneto, or even Storm I would love to see, The company did a poor job in giving fans what they wanted making this trilogy so far as cash cows looking to make a quick buck from hungry fans wanting more.

You can believe 20th Century Fox redeemed themselves with this one. This film definitely stepped up the game with this one setting new expectations for superhero movies of the future. With the use of heavy language and bloody dismemberment and in your face adamantium claw usage will either make you cringe or rejoice in happiness that you finally see a more violent and realistic. You are going to see a lot of blood maybe even a little bit of carnage. Both Logan and Xavier have foul mouths who probably use some swear word in every few sentences. 


While it still packs plenty of high-octane action with excellent fight scenes and fun car chases, it doesn’t lack the heavy and emotional drama that makes this a powerful movie. The sorrow and pain that our two heroes are dealing with in the future hits you very hard in the heartstrings when you see how age and time has changed them. This movie isn’t without humor so this does a great job at keeping your attention with laughs to keep things light-hearted from time to time.  

Logan and Xavier are forced to reflect on their lives that lead them up to the moments thrown at them. This sudden need to help Laura reminds them of most of the things they have missed most and also a chance to redeem themselves for the bad that they have caused in the past. That is what makes this film so good is that even our heroes are not the purest of people. Like any other person, they have sins regrets and mistakes they have made that they feel they have to atone for. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, life isn’t fair, and the people you care about can get hurt. You get almost a western vibe from it all showing what it looks like to be a true hero with a purpose.

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The movie along with Laura introduces two new characters worth mentioning. Boyd Holbrook and a great performance by Stephen Merchent (The Ricky Gervais Show, HBO’s Hello Ladies) as Pierce and Caliban respectively. While Pierce, lead of the task force ordered to captured the escaped experiment, serves as that negative voice in everyone’s head that tells you that you are worthless is just yapping away with his somewhat witty banter with Logan. Caliban who is a character in previous X-men films but played for the first time by Merchant I think did a really good job balancing his comedic skill with some wonderful well acted dramatic take on a mutant who is allergic to the sun and tries his best to find a reason to carry on as each torturing day by day goes by. I was very impressed with his performance. 


Unfortunately, this movie was not the perfect sayonara story I was hoping for. As I fully recommend this movie to everyone, especially those who have been following this character from the beginning, this movie drags a little bit with repetitive time forwarding mechanisms. With a running time of 2 hours and 17 mins, you are in for a very long movie. Something I was not aware of when I saw the movie over the weekend. There were moments where the movie felt like it was coming to a close but it just kept going. Not for the worse but it didn’t seem to be moving forward towards the end which could make you feel a little anxious.

Also, the villain or antagonist wasn’t that big of a deal if anything pretty annoying. Pierce, who chases them throughout the film is around a lot but doesn’t really make an impact to feel threaten by. The true villain of this story are the good characters themselves. The struggle for Logan and Charles Xavier to forgive themselves for their past keeps them from happiness. That desperation to make sure that Laura makes it and turns out to be a better person and possible hero than Logan is daunting on the both of them. 

In the end you will love this journey and I would say this is a great way to say goodbye to this character. Logan is fun and sad all in one. This movie also says that you can have fictional elements such as mutants, superheroes, and all things supernatural and still give a very raw, edgy, and realistic human drama that relates to anyone. Hugh Jackman gives a spectacular performance reaching new heights to hopefully more roles in drama movies. The next person to possibly don the claws for future X-men movies has some very hard boots and tank tops to fill. 

4 1/2 out of 5


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