Double Take Review: Rewatching Yes Man is a Yes, maybe


 I chose Yes Man because I am Jim Carrey fan. I am even a “post Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” fan. After that movie, his movies have been up and down for me and Yes Man was one of them. My memory of this movie watching it back in 2008 was that it wasn’t that great. Way too far fetch for a comedy even. Didn’t really have a desire to watch it again or recommend it. Decided to watch it again to see if I have changed my opinion on the film. 

You can say that it has changed for the better but still not great. So I laughed more this time around. I think what I didn’t like was those Jim Carrey antics I am use to seeing from him. Especially his physical comedy skills. I noticed them a little more watching this again. One scene in particular is when he is having a dream of being forgotten because he is a horrible friend. In the dream, he was found dead on his couch under a blanket discovered by his friends. After lifting the sheet he had stiffened and rigor mortis set in. which meant that he had this ridiculous look on his face that would only remind you of how he looked when he would do the Fire Marshal Bill sketch from “In Living Color”. His supporting cast gave me a few laughs as well, especially Rhys Darby who plays Jim Carrey’s boss and theme party thrower Norman. Norman represents the ultimate adult geek. 

This is where the movie lost me. The whole point of the movie was for Carl (Jim Carrey) to get out of his 3 yr funk from being dumped by his long-term ex girlfriend Stephanie and continuing to work at his current job without moving up the corp. ladder. During this rut he just says no to everything. Avoids social situations and doesn’t want to try anything. The first part of the movie gives you those examples that he says “no” to all the time to give you a head’s up on most of the things he will say “YES” to towards the middle of the movie.


Even for a comedy, realistically some of the things he was saying “no” to were pretty reasonable and safe. Even the happiest person in the world wouldn’t say “yes” to some of these request. One major one was giving a homeless guy a ride out to the middle of nowhere, letting him use his phone till it died, and giving him all of his money he had on him. Of course he says yes to all of this and his car runs out of gas. So he has no money, phone, and is in the woods. NO THANKS!! Kids don’t try that at home. Instead of getting mugged like he would in the real world he ends up meeting the girl he is meant to be with. BOO! In addition to that, he saves a man from committing suicide by playing a song on a guitar, breaks into the Hollywood bowl, and snorts tabasco sauce. Maybe this new way of life works for the privilege people but as a black man, my movie would have been a hardcore drama that would have ended in 30 mins going in cause i would be shot or dead.

Nonetheless, while the movie provided some laughs with a nice message to take a few risk in life, which i think is a great outlook on life, it’s not worth seeing twice. I wasn’t completely bored or felt I wasted my time. This was just one of those comedies that can easily fall through the cracks and you might even forget it was made. 

What did you all think of the movie? Make sure to subscribe for more movie reviews and comment below and tell me what you think. Is it a “No” or a “Yes”? 

2 1/2 out of 5


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