Review: A Cure For Wellness Is An Eerie Ride Longer Than It Has To Be.

My goal with watching A Cure For Wellness was to get an intriguing unique puzzle to solve and get creeped out in the process. The trailer definitely gives you that vibe that you are going to be taken on a wild and weird ride questioning what is real and what isn’t. The sales pitch was great but they took a very long time to close the deal.


Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, Kill Your Darlings) plays Lockhart, an ambitious money hungry executive sent on a mission to retrieve his companies CEO to complete a merger that will make him and the other board members a lot of money. The CEO Mr. Pembroke is staying in a sanctuary in the Swiss Alps run by Volmer played by Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter Series) where they give patients and opportunity to go through treatments and the cure to help with their illness. During this journey Lockhart uncovers a mystery that doesn’t want to be discovered.

So there was definitely a puzzle during this film. As the story unfolds you are introduced to lots of characters from the staff at the hospital, the weird robotic and racist behavior of the board Lockhart works for, and a mysterious girl played by Mia Goth who walks around the grounds and stands out like a sore thumb without anyone noticing. The history of the location plays a key role in the mystery you are asked to go through so make sure not to blink or become distracted because if you miss any information, you might as well turn our brain off and just enjoy the ride.

There were a couple of disturbing and suspenseful moments. There are scenes that will make you cringe in your seat and may even make you cover your eyes or look away. Part of that creepy feeling is owed to some wonderful shots with good use of light and darker colors. Also the wonderful music used for the score. Composer Benjamin Wallfisch gives you a catchy but kooky feeling like what the soundtrack did for the movie IT Follows.


Unfortunately, the film is more confusing than anything. Convincing the lead character that he is hallucinating or mentally losing it convinces the audience of the same which is a great tactic to keep the viewers interested; through this process you are still lost. It’s as frustrating as solving a Rubik’s Cube that you don’t even know when you are given another piece of the puzzle. Just when I think I am caught up and can follow along with the rest of the movie, they throw another confusing image at you to throw you off once again.

By the end, the reveal will either give you a feeling of an anti-climatic revelation that isn’t satisfying or you will either be so confused with the direction the movie took that you just wonder why it took so long. There were a couple of opportunities where the big reveal could have been exposed but they dragged it on more than they have to and by the end of it you look up and it’s almost 3 hours later. That’s right, the run time is 2 hours and 26 mins so be prepared of a long one.

I believe there is a philosophical meaning to this story which I also think speaks on how our world and our need for success is defined by the money you make or other materialistic things to blind you from being genuinely happy but the goal to psych us out overshadows any possibility to take anything from this movie with you once the credits role. Maybe someone who enjoys analyzing movies may get more out of this film but from an entertaining point of view, watch at your own risk, you may be a little bored with the pace of the film.

Anyone else see this movie? If so, what did you think about it? Appreciate your time moviegeeks for reading my review.

2 1/2 out of 5


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