Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose is a genuine family movie

If you happen to be a dog owner, love family dramas, or have a sentimental heart, make sure to bring the tissues with you when you see the latest family drama told in the point of view of a dog who took on many names in the movie. If you remember, I posted this trailer on this blog a while ago already betting that I was going to lose it during this film with tears running down my eyes. There were no onions in site by the way. It was because the film was actually pretty good. Anyone who has seen the trailer knows the story and what happens throughout the film. Even though, you know this bit of information, there is a lot of story and character development to tug at your heartstrings. 

Even though there was reasons to be sad, this film is not a depressing one. There are a lot of fun and happy moments as you take a look at why a dog is considered man’s best friend. Josh Gad (Frozen, The Wedding Ringer, Beauty and the Beast 2017)plays the title character: Bailey, Bailey, Bailey. He journey’s through his life wondering what his purpose is in life. Through different stories and different owners he learns about happiness, fun, excitement, smells, food, and the little things that can bring joy to anyone animal or human alike. 

“Josh Gad should do children audio books because his voice is so infectious with the sound of innocence that can make anyone smile.”


The main story that takes most of the film is his first owner Ethan (Bryce Gheisar, KJ Aja, Dennis Quaid) from age 8 to adulthood respectively and it’s a good one as it deals with relationships, childhood, dreams and goals, alcoholism, regrets, loneliness, and much more. The side supporting stories with the other owners are short but still effective to entertain and keep your attention. If you happen to be a sensitive to the death of a pet this movie may be a little hard to watch. Even though this is a kid’s film, there is a scene that might be hard to watch for some kids. I do recommend this film for anyone who watches the trailer and thinks it looks interesting. 

I understand that there is some controversy surrounding the film regarding alleged allegations to mistreating some of the dogs in the movie asking patrons to boycott the film. I ain’t mad at you if you decide to go. It is worth the watch and could even ignite a fire in you to get a pet of your own. 

5 out of 5

I also have a short story that happened while seeing the movie over the weekend. Click here to read about what happened after the movie. 


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