A random encounter at the movies

Over the weekend, I saw A Dog’s Purpose at the Pacific Theatres at The Grove in Los Angeles. Deciding to avoid a lot of crowd in the movie I chose an evening time to see the movie.

While waiting for the movie to start in the auditorium a group of kids at least 10-15 come in and sit a few rows behind me very excited and energetic to see the film. Throughout the trailers and the beginning titles of the film there was a lot of clapping and excitement from them. You would think we were in a Star Wars movie or something. I didn’t pay it no mind but had a thought that I hope it’s not like this through the whole film.

For the most part they were pretty quiet through the film but it wasn’t till afterwards that things took a turn. As I sit there and collect myself, because the movie definitely gets at you with the feels. The credits role and all of a sudden there is this big applause coming from the kids and them chanting “Bryce BRYCE BRYCE!!!” So my first thought was, “Is someone named Bryce in this movie?” I immediately pull out my Bible aka IMDB.com on my phone and look at the cast and sure enough there is an actor named Bryce in the film.


Bryce Gheisar playing Ethan at age 8 in A Dog’s Purpose.

At that moment I look up and he is walking down the aisle towards the exit with all the other kids surrounding him congratulating him on his performance, which by the way was excellent. He is a great young actor. An adult with the group in my row looks at me and says  “We are so proud of our boy.” I responded with “You should be, he was great.” and I told him as such also. As I am walking down, more kids in the film start to recognize him once he stood there to pose for a picture for one of his friends. These young girl went crazy realizing it was him and couldn’t contain herself and “fangirl” wanting to get his autograph.

So random these encounters, especially at this particular theatre. Wasn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last. If you would like to read about the review of the movie click here.


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