Movie Review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter makes you jump but not for joy.

Milla Jovovich is back in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter A.K.A. Trinity Of Bitches. (You will know why when you watch the movie) with another mixture of actors not in the previous film like the one before that and one before that. This time around it all comes to an end as The Red Queen has given her some vital information, that could have been given to her two movies ago, on how to stop the T-Virus and end all of this once in for all. That solution and answer to all that has happened is back where it all started, back at the underground HIVE under the big scary mansion in Raccoon City. 


Some familiar faces did return to help out and stop her. Ali Larter as Clair Redfield. My favorite character of the game and movie. I just love Ali sporting red hair too. Also Shawn Roberts as the animated looking Wesker as well as Dr. Isaacs played by Iain Glen. The newcomers include William Levy (Addicted), Eoin Macken (NBC’s The Night Shift), and the beautiful and talented Ruby Rose (OITNB, xXx:Return of Xander Cage) who looked unrecognizable at first but clicked towards the middle of the movie. 

I will say that this movie is an improvement from the last two sequels Retribution and Afterlife 3D. That is only because I have no memory of those movies at the moment. This one however will stick with me. Mainly because the story finally progressed with more and new information. Don’t get me wrong, I love the action and thrills of the movie but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a good story to justify so many sequels. So if you decide to watch this movie, you actually learn more about the origin of Umbrella, the T-virus and much more.

However, this movie was flooded with cheap and unnecessary jump scares. That moment where something jumps out and calls for that loud sound and music that ignites the scare even more. If I remember correctly, they did that with just a kick of a bottle on the ground accidentally kicked by one of the characters. I love horror movies and I enjoy getting scared but when you overdo it, it just becomes a gimmick and predictable cause you see it coming a mile away. That could get annoying for some viewers so keep that in mind. Other than that, you will get a lot of fighting, the “SAW” like traps are in this as well which are entertaining. No shortage of monsters and zombies as well.  

Overall, this movie could have been better but as I said to myself before walking into the theatre to take my seat,”I want to see lots of action, blood, and senseless violence.” That is exactly what I got. If that is what you are looking for, you will get it. If you haven’t been paying attention to the previous films, you can still see this as a stand alone movie. Without knowing a little  bit of the back story, you will probably think the story is ridiculous. It wrapped up okay as well but of course is this really the Final Chapter? 

3 out of 5



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