Movie Review: Underworld Blood Wars

Kate Beckinsale is back in the black latex body suit along with her weapons and vampire teeth as Selene the vampire heroine caught in the middle of a blood war literally. If you just so happen to see the previous installment in the series Underworld Awakening, Selene had a child with her hybrid vampire/Lycan lover. That child holds the key in her blood to make vampires and lycans stronger than ever before. Whichever side has this blood will be able to destroy their enemies with no problems. Selene decides that her daughter cannot be found by either side so she has her sent away to a place not even she knows about and goes on the run.

Blood Wars starts a little into the future after that with the lycans under a new leader which makes them more of a formidable foe and the race begins as the war comes to an all high as both sides will do everything in their power to gain the upper hand and Selene is caught in the middle.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale stars in Screen Gems’ UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS.

This review is going to be pretty simple. Honestly, if you have seen one Underworld movie you have seen them all. Not much difference from the previous films when it comes to cinematography, tone, the writing, and special effects. It has that dark color that reminds you of Dark City. Kate Beckinsale rocks as our familiar vampire once again. The action sequences are on par from the previous films. What I will say that has improved is that this film is far better than Underworld: Awakening was. Also, this movie has little to no humans in the film. Finally, a movie with just the characters we want to see without the humans getting in the way for comedic effect. Something the Transformers series can learn something from. Theo James is back to the series where he belongs and away from the Divergent series. Theo James plays a sexy vampire and if Kate has to move on from the series, I wouldn’t mind him taking over as lead.

If you are a fan of this series and you liked what you have seen so far, check out the movie. It’s not the best one in the series but it’s not the worse. They do bring some new elements into the film which makes it more interesting when they start to fight each other. The acting from a few characters could be better but doesn’t take away from the entertainment of the film. I realized that this series would make a great video game. The story, the players, the fight sequences. I would love to be behind the driver seat controlling Selene through this story. Alas, we have to enjoy what is given to us and by the end of the movie we could be seeing more in the future.

3 out of 5


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