Movie Review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter makes you jump but not for joy.

Milla Jovovich is back in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter A.K.A. Trinity Of Bitches. (You will know why when you watch the movie) with another mixture of actors not in the previous film like the one before that and one before that. This time around it all comes to an end as The Red Queen has given her some vital information, that could have been given to her two movies ago, on how to stop the T-Virus and end all of this once in for all. That solution and answer to all that has happened is back where it all started, back at the underground HIVE under the big scary mansion in Raccoon City. 

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Double Take: Urban Legend

Wes Craven’s Scream back in 1996 changed the way we see horror movies till this day with its meta format mixing humor and horror together and also making killing teenagers fun and exciting again. Afterwards, almost every follow up attempted to recreate the success by finding any creative way to kill teens for being sinful. One of those films came two years later in 1998 called Urban Legend.


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Double Take: Tango & Cash

Stallone and Russell are one of the best team ups I remember back in the 80’s.

tango-and-cashIs it safe to say that Tango & Cash is at cult classic status at this point? I don’t know but if it isn’t it ought to be. In the 80’s there were numbers upon numbers of buddy comedies and cop action movies down the pipeline and this movie is one of the best ones in my opinion.

The movie just worked. I forgot how much one liners and witty comebacks between the two leads there were. One after another and even poking fun at themselves. These two were perfect to be paired up together also as bad cop/worst cop. At the time of release it was 1989 and both Sylvester Stallone (Rambo and Rocky series) and Kurt Russell(Escape From New York and Big Trouble in Little China) had a bit of movies under their belt to create fandom. So it made sense not only to have them in an action cop film but to be paired up and do things they weren’t normally use to which is make us laugh our butt off and just have fun. Which is exactly what they did in this film.

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Movie Review: xXx: Return of Xander Cage


Believe it or not, this is actually the 3rd installment in the franchise but only Vin Diesel’s second appearance in it. Attempting to pass the torch Bond style, Ice Cube took on the name of xXx as the name was a symbol and not a person. From the first movie to the current installment Return of Xander Cage, Vin Diesel comes back to save the day in the most extreme way after a 15 year gap. Of course in that time he has been in numerous films, playing all different types of characters but mostly known for Dominic Toretto in The Fast and Furious franchise.

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Movie Review: Split

M. Night “What a twist” Shyamalan is back!

Let me just go on record, in case I haven’t before in any of my postings that I enjoy watching M. Night Shyamalan movies all the time. Good or bad I always admire his unique ways of storytelling from his original works and for a while there, he always manages to surprise me with something that was written and played out on film in front of me that I didn’t see before. That comes with great skill in writing and direction. 

Yelling, “WHAT, WOW, I can’t believe it.” at the end of the movie and I found myself still shaking after leaving the theatre because of how shocked I was. 

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Movie Review: Underworld Blood Wars

Kate Beckinsale is back in the black latex body suit along with her weapons and vampire teeth as Selene the vampire heroine caught in the middle of a blood war literally. If you just so happen to see the previous installment in the series Underworld Awakening, Selene had a child with her hybrid vampire/Lycan lover. That child holds the key in her blood to make vampires and lycans stronger than ever before. Whichever side has this blood will be able to destroy their enemies with no problems. Selene decides that her daughter cannot be found by either side so she has her sent away to a place not even she knows about and goes on the run.

Blood Wars starts a little into the future after that with the lycans under a new leader which makes them more of a formidable foe and the race begins as the war comes to an all high as both sides will do everything in their power to gain the upper hand and Selene is caught in the middle.

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Movie Review: The Bye Bye Man

Don’t say it, don’t think it. Don’t think it, don’t say it!

Decided to get an early start on the three day weekend with some horror movies seeing as today is Friday the 13th. Instead of watching Mr. V do his killing to sexually charged teens, I decided to see a man like any other urban legend. The way he gets his power and strength is if you believe in him. That man is The Bye Bye Man.

Freddy Krueger comes for you in your dreams. Candyman needs his name called 5 times in a mirror to be summoned. Samara needs you to watch a video so you can die in seven days. With Bye Bye Man, all you have to do is say his name out loud and he has got you. Just that easy. That is what our cast goes through in this film. Elliot(Douglas Smith HBO’s Big Love, Ouija) along with his girlfriend Sasha and best friend John buy a house of college campus and stumble upon an evil they unleash like a virus just by saying his name. They do everything they can to contain and stop it from spreading before they go crazy in the process.

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