Double Take: Queen of the Damned

This ain’t no Interview with the Vampire that’s for damn sure.

This week was actually a tough one. I didn’t watch too many movies in my lifetime that begin with the letter Q. I almost did Quarantine but I have seen that lately. I also have seen The Quiet from what I remember was pretty good. I wanted to do a movie that most people knew about and one that I haven’t seen in a while. On Netflix I come across the 2002 Anne Rice adaptation Queen of the Damned. This movie stars Stuart Townsend as Vampire Lestat. That same Lestat Tom Cruise played as well. This Lestat is a younger version who loves art and music. He lies dormant after years and years of loneliness and boredom in his tomb until he is awaken by the lovely sounds of early 2000’s rock music.


You know Korn, Disturbed, Static X, etc. So he decides to rise again and not only enjoy the world as it is today but to take advantage of it and become the best rock star they have ever seen. By doing that he is making the existence of vampires public and known which some of the ancient vamps who have co existed under the radar is not too happy with that. Lestat than decides to awaken Queen Akasha who agrees with his views and agrees with being out in the open and ruling while doing it.

I remember watching this movie the first time and was pissed that Queen Akasha (Aaliyah) didn’t show up till halfway through the film. Everything leading up to her appearance was just boring and such a tease to get to the point which is to see Aaliyah act in a movie and how she is as a vampire. Which I am sure that is the reason why more than half of the money made back in the box office was to see her.


Not much has changed for me since watching it again after 14 years later. This time I clocked it and Aaliyah finally came in to wreak havoc 51 mins and 37 secs in the film. That is a long time to get to the point of this movie. I wish I could say it was worth the wait but it wasn’t. Aaliyah who only starred in one other film, Romeo must die, played an awesome character I would have loved to learn more about. Sadly, we are just given a narrative of her back story and her appearance was limited to just looking hot in her outfit only fit for a Queen and her seduction. She did a wonderful job paying the vampire role given to her. She was gorgeous as well.  I would let her take a bite.

The big battle at the end and everything else in between with the weak storyline of a girl obsessed with Lestat and his history turned love story wasn’t any good. The special effects definitely said this movie was made in 2002. I will say though that the soundtrack is worth a listen to if you enjoy that type of rock music. In fact, the singing voice for Lestat was lead singer of Korn Johnathan Davis. So if you get anything out of this movie its possibly the music otherwise not worth the watch unless you want to see Aaliyah do her thing which I’m sure you can find on YouTube.

I guess my feelings for this movie hasn’t changed since watching it all those years ago. What do you think? Is there anyone out there that enjoyed this movie. If so, what did you like about it. Comment below.

1 out of 5


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