Movie Review: Sing

Sing is one of the best movies I have seen in 2016

Wow, I am pleasantly surprised on how good this movie is. I knew that I would enjoy it but I didn’t know I would like it this much. With an all star cast lending their voice and singing talents to this uplifting and feel good movie kept me smiling from ear to ear the whole time.


In the same sort of setting as Disney’s Zootopia, Sing takes place in a world much like ours but inhabited by animals instead of humans. In it revolves around Buster Moon, a koala who owns an old theatre that is on its last leg. In desperate need to keep the theatre open he puts on one final show but instead of his traditional theatrical shows he decides to put on a singing competition. That is where all the other colorful characters with talent but with a little bit of struggle comes into play. Animals of all type run at the chance to audition and perform to win the prize money. Some to prove something to themselves, some for the money, and others to go after their dreams.


There are a lot of familiar voices you will recognize in this film. Voices like Matthew McConaughey, Seth MacFarlane, Reese Witherspoon, Taron Egerton, and Scarlett Johansson. The multiple stories could have been a downfall by putting so much into one film but the pace of each story receive their fair share of screen time and development. Even though it was a competition, you wanted everyone to win. All with good reasons to win and to triumph as the champion. The movie had some great laughs. All the characters were interesting I could watch them for hours as their own spin-off tales.

The animation was beautiful and illuminating to look at. All characters were given such human qualities and movements you forget they are all animals. The score was one of the best parts of the movie picking songs from across the decades sung by our stars or in the background movie to compliment the scene. This is a soundtrack worth purchasing. Especially one of the final songs song by Tori Kelly, one of the voices in the film. I recommend this film to anyone. Kids, adults, singers, anyone who enjoys a good animated film to just make you feel good.

I noticed that it is up for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Animated. I will go on record that the nomination is well deserved. Even though it is up against some great competition this year, so far its my pick to win.

5 out of 5


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