Movie Review: Office Christmas Party

Before getting into the review, I would like you to re watch the trailer to the movie and while you are reading my review, keep this trailer in mind.

Now from the looks of this trailer a lot is happening. High octane scenes thrown together to make it look like a non-stop rollercoaster ride of laugh out loud shenanigans. Just about everything you see in this trailer does happen at some point in the film but unfortunately not in a continuous ride as you see in this trailer. I believe that is what makes this movie not as good as some of the “party” movies you see. There is no denying that this movie is funny. I laughed quite a bit at some of the things that went on in this film. However, the way the editing and story was put together it felt a little flat for some of it. The main plot is Tj Miller playing Clay Vanstone, Co CEO with his sister Carol who wants to shut down his branch. Given a chance to save the company and everyone’s jobs, he decides to land a multi-million dollar account by entertaining Walter Davis (Coutney B. Vance) by throwing an epic office party and showing Walter this is the best company to do business with. That is just one of MANY plots going on in this movie. It seems that they have lots of comedic greatness in this movie but separated all of them into their own storylines that didn’t really hold up on their own. That was the downfall on keeping this movie from being great.

office-christmas-partyThe one thing they did get right is picking the players for this film. You can’t go wrong with TJ Miller, who I believe slayed at being the lead man for once. You can’t go wrong with Kate McKinnon who plays uptight but underground thrill seeker Mary in HR. Jillian Bell as a pimp brought more laughs in the film than anyone else. MVP goes to Courtney B. Vance who has shown a side of comedy that has never been seen before. No matter how ridiculous, I like actors who have range. You may have seen him in more serious roles, more recently in Ryan Murphy’s “American Crime Story”. Watching him in this film was a delight. Than there is Jennifer Aniston who now is considered an actress who is trying to escape here “Disney” reputation doing characters far from her “Friends” days and romantic comedies. We’re the Millers, Horrible Bosses, and now Office Christmas Party who technically is the villain of this tale.

This movie had some good moments but also had some pretty obvious ridiculous bad moments. Most of the office scenes fell flat as most of the supporting plot lines just didn’t live up to their potential. I’ve seen a better party in Sisters where they had great storylines through the supporting cast and as for a Christmas movie, The Night Before had more laughs and chemistry with their cast. There is a lot of adult crude humor and physical comedy in this movie with a couple of SNL alums and great comedic actors in TV and Film in this one could be enough for you to go and enjoy this movie. So it all depends on your taste and what you believe is worth paying for. You will leave satisfied  but not impressed.

3 1/2 out of 5


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