Double Take: Nothing But Trouble

Legendary comedians doing what they do best.

What do Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Demi Moore, John Candy, and 2Pac Shakur all have in common? They all participated in one of the wackiest comedies that ever existed. That comedy is called Nothing But Trouble. Dan Aykroyd is known for being a writer as well as an actor. He did choose to direct only one movie in his career as an artist and that movie was Nothing But Trouble. You have to wonder what he had up his sleeve for the Ghostbuster sequel he put together after seeing his imagination fly in this 1991 film that he also wrote the screenplay for and creating some of the craziest characters ever written for the screen.


I have to give credit where credit is due to any moviegeeks out there who has actually seen this movie let alone heard of it. This movie does have a little hint of a cult status but I don’t think I have ever heard anyone mention this movie or for those who have given a positive reaction to it. Making the film took an estimate of $40 million dollars but in the box office it earn back only $8 million according to Clearly this was a huge flop. Let me tell you something though. You can’t say that there is anything like this movie. I can only imagine the writing process it took to write about a killing machine called Mr. Bonestripper (it does exactly what the name says) next to a wacky fun house like mansion that looks very similar to the Addams family house and plot of land. If this movie were real or based on a true story, this would be a horrifying tale. Backwoods family who takes the law into their own hands playing Judge Jury and Executioner to anyone that so much as runs through a stop sign can be put to death for their crime.

“The Burbs meets The Addams Family”

My memories of this movie were always great. I loved the idea of going through the fun house. Remembering Aykroyd and Candy from The Great Outdoors and Chase from the Lampoon movies, this was a movie that stuck with me as a kid. I came across it in my collection and I figured this would be the best movie to watch this week as I know there were a lot of pointless happenings in the movie that wouldn’t  be as funny or likable watching as an adult. Was I wrong.


After watching this again, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. This movie may have lacked a story and a reason to watch but you couldn’t help but wonder where this movie was going to go next. Every chance the movie got, it through you for a loop by doing the most craziest thing to a group of yuppies on a road trip while taking the scenic route they drive into this unknown town called Valkenvania. while in this off the grid town they are pulled over and taken to this courthouse to be put on trial for running a stop sign. What they thought to be just a minor offense assumed they would get a slap on the wrist, a ticket, and sent on their way turned out to be the craziest 24 hours of their lives as their sanity is put to the test against a family that puts the phrase “The family that slays together stays together” to the truth. It’s The Burbs meets The Addams Family.

I will say there is some lazy writing as to how these characters got together in the first place and a ridiculous back story that you will miss if you don’t pay attention as it’s narrative is spoken  with no visuals to back it up except for some newspaper clippings. Regardless of all of that, this is one of the creative movies ever filmed. This movie had imagination creating characters only Aykroyd could have written. It was entertaining. Definitely a one of a kind movie. He and John Candy playing dual roles. The makeup on Aykroyd alone is something to applaud. The movie as a whole is just a fun movie. To top it off, you have a cameo from a young 2Pac Shakur.

This movie would be a very hard sell for today’s audience but I will say if you want to see some Bat$#!^ storytelling for 90 mins to check out this film. If anything you can laugh at how pale they made Demi Moore through this whole movie or how John Candy will go through lengths to make anyone laugh. No role was too small for John Candy and he proved it in this movie. This movie is meant to be something just fun to watch. I still think the movie is great to watch and even though these actors are not as popular now, I am reminded of comedic geniuses they will always be.

3 1/2 out of 5


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