Double Take: Mean Girls


So for this week’s Throwback Thursday movie edition, I am revisiting the popular movie Mean Girls. Back then I remember people all around me couldn’t stop talking about Tina Fey’s screenplay debut onto the big screen. This movie provided so many teens and probably some adults with ways to “read” or get revenge on those who have wronged them. Day after day I would hear friends quote this movie from its catchy and memorable quotes. This was also a look at how High Schools have changed since the John Hughes days of High School. Mean Girls brought it with its witty insults and in your face harsh truths. Backstabbing and two-face friends went hand in hand in this teen comedy in 2004.

“What is Fetch?”

So in the spirit of the movie, this is my harsh truth regarding the movie: I saw this movie one time in theatre and walked out thinking, “It was okay.” Yes, there is actually someone out there that didn’t praise the movie Mean Girls like the majority. When I tell certain people on how I didn’t favor this movie that much, they were just as confused as someone saying they don’t like Beyoncé. They didn’t get it and were prepared to crucified for saying it out loud. I can’t explain why I didn’t like it. Maybe it was too catty and hateful for me to enjoy it. Maybe I just didn’t understand the humor that was presented to me. Or maybe this movie just isn’t a good movie. Some of you probably want to just stop reading cause I’m full of crap but my fellow followers, you knew what you were getting into. I like and sometimes dislike movies that most people really enjoy. It isn’t on purpose, sometimes it just works out that way. Don’t banish me just yet. Even though my memory of this movie is like a bad taste of a fart in my mouth, I am using this project as a platform to re-watch the movie and see if it has changed my mind. It has been a little over a decade since its release. Let’s see if I’ve matured enough to enjoy this film and pray anyone reading will not put me in their own burn book.

“You smell like a baby prostitute.”

I guess you can say this is perfect timing to be watching this movie so close to the holidays. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you have put this on your list of Christmas movies to watch every year in regards to the Christmas Dance routine our four mean girls performed at the talent show. So was this an early Christmas gift wrapped in a nice bow for me today?


 I have let up a little bit on my opinion of the movie. For a teen comedy movie released in 2004 I have to give props for giving the audience something current and believable. The cast is perfect. Up and comer Rachel McAdams pre The Notebook was known for her teen roles in Mean Girls and in The Hot Chick.  Lindsay Lohan was excellent in this role. I don’t even have to praise Lizzy Caplan because its obvious everything she touches is gold. I will say though that Lacey Chabert mostly known for her Party of Five days really made her character shine playing just the sidekick in army of skanks The Plastics. She was perfect as the know-it-all tell-it-all mean girl. 

I caught myself laughing throughout the movie. I’m still a little below the curve of the cult following of the movie though. To me, it was still just teen movie. Different than most teen movies in the early 2000’s is that this movie had a deeper message. The story was relevant for its time but I guess having all the girls hate each other there wasn’t that many people to get behind or like for me to care. Even though the movie is a comedy, it made me a little sad. Seeing as bullying is pretty heavy in schools nowadays. Nonetheless, was I entertained by the film? Yes. It is now a decent movie to me in my book and I can actually say that now without worry of getting the scolding eyes of disapproval anytime this movie is brought up. There were some funny lines that stood out but I’m still not at a point of quoting the movie in public status like I would with Bring It On or Drop Dead Gorgeous but I do give the movie a little more respect.

3 1/2 out of 5




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