Double Take: Queen of the Damned

This ain’t no Interview with the Vampire that’s for damn sure.

This week was actually a tough one. I didn’t watch too many movies in my lifetime that begin with the letter Q. I almost did Quarantine but I have seen that lately. I also have seen The Quiet from what I remember was pretty good. I wanted to do a movie that most people knew about and one that I haven’t seen in a while. On Netflix I come across the 2002 Anne Rice adaptation Queen of the Damned. This movie stars Stuart Townsend as Vampire Lestat. That same Lestat Tom Cruise played as well. This Lestat is a younger version who loves art and music. He lies dormant after years and years of loneliness and boredom in his tomb until he is awaken by the lovely sounds of early 2000’s rock music.

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Triple Feature Review: Moonlight, Nocturnal Animals, and Passengers

Decided to put these three movie reviews together in one post because I had a marathon of movie watching this past week. Since I am on break from work, this was my time to catch up on everything that I haven’t had a chance to see. I’ll keep these reviews brief as I’m sure that you have seen all three of these titles by now. This is just my thoughts on them and for those that haven’t seen them yet, maybe it will shed some insight into what to watch before they remove them from theatres.

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Movie Review: Sing

Sing is one of the best movies I have seen in 2016

Wow, I am pleasantly surprised on how good this movie is. I knew that I would enjoy it but I didn’t know I would like it this much. With an all star cast lending their voice and singing talents to this uplifting and feel good movie kept me smiling from ear to ear the whole time.


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Movie Review: Office Christmas Party

Before getting into the review, I would like you to re watch the trailer to the movie and while you are reading my review, keep this trailer in mind.

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Double Take: Panic Room

For Flashback Friday this week I decided to do Panic Room with Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart. When I saw this film back in 2002, David Fincher had already given me one of my favorite movies of all time to this day and that was The Game with Michael Douglas. Excellent film. Fincher definitely has a range in his films directing and I feel like Panic Room is just one of those unique films that took something that could have been so one note and developed a solid thriller. I wanted to re watch this film because a lot has changed since than. Of course, I have more thrillers under my belt so I feel like I’ve seen a lot of films that would make an almost 2 hr film take place in a home about a room the whole time wouldn’t be as entertaining as it was when I first saw it in theatres. Also, Kristen Stewart hasn’t really had the best of luck with Twilight series behind her belt and the Snow White and the Huntsmen. Most people believe she is very one note. So I wanted to see if that would affect my viewing watching it again after 14 yrs.

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Unforgettable Trailer

The next greatest catfight since Beyoncé Vs. Ali Larter in Obsessed.

So Moviegeeks, This trailer was on the movie Collateral Beauty that I saw yesterday and I couldn’t be happier to see this movie be made. Since I was robbed of a brawl between Regina Hall and Jaz Sinclair in When the Bough Breaks, this movie Unforgettable coming out in 2017 makes up for it and the casting in my opinion is perfect. Just watch for yourself and let me know in the comments what you think.

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Whitney Cummings, and Geoff Stults.
Director: Denise Di Novi
Writers: Christina Hodson, David Leslie Johnson
Release Date: April 21, 2017 (subject to change)

Movie Review: Collateral Beauty

“The movie wasn’t bad. It actually tugged at my gullible side so I walked out satisfied.”

I walked into this movie with a little bit of negativity feedback on my mind. Not many people are either not interested nor happy with this movie. I didn’t hear too much news about it but I heard enough that this is not an Oscar contender. Sometimes hearing a review can affect your perception of a film. Probably go in with low expectations taking some of the pressure of the movie off. I went in with that kind of attitude.


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