Movie Review: Marvel Doctor Strange

Waiting with anticipation for the next Marvel movie to come out, Doctor Strange left me a little underwhelmed after the end of the film. I was very excited to see Doctor Strange mainly because this was a character I knew close to nothing about. To watch a film from a perspective oh having no knowledge from the comics or any other films would be a way to watch the movie with no exceptions. Was that the reason it was underwhelming? I don’t think so.


Doctor Strange and its mythology brought into the MCU definitely changed the game and what is to come in the future for the Marvel heroes. So far audiences have been dealing with man-made powers and abilities mixed in with aliens and miracles a.k.a. mutants, people born with abilities. Now we are dealing with magic and different dimensions which brings a lot of possibilities on how wide they want to bring these movies together. The character Doctor Strange, played by Bendict Cumberbatch, came off as a more serious character for me. A man very serious about his craft and sort of living in his own world. He almost has an ego as big as Tony Stark. I don’t think anyone could catch up to Stark’s ego. Strange is likable but not so much relatable. Steven Strange came off as a more adult, mature, and serious person than who we have encountered so far in the MCU. He was missing the child like wonder and imagination of some other characters. Some of his jokes fall flat which I guess in part makes him likable but it didn’t work for me. He has no affiliation with the government or S.H.E.I.L.D. The movie taking place in a post avenger world, he should be aware of the weird and out of this world scenarios and antics that have been going on in New York as well as in the world. However, he is a man of science so coming to terms with magic was something he wasn’t ready for. After a car accident, he survives but his hands were damaged in the wreck and to salvage what is left of his hands, he is unable to perform surgeries and continue his livelihood as a brilliant surgeon. With nothing left to lose he travels to Nepal to meet with people including The Ancient One played by Tilda Swinton, who can possibly help him since western modern medicine cannot do anything for him. They teach him the arts of magic and spells which opens up his mind to more than just helping people in a hospital but to an entire universe.

Similar to Ant-Man, Doctor Strange is a standalone film that started out not so much connected to the rest of the movies we have seen so far. Much of it is an origin story to the development of another key person who will influence the films in the future. The villain and danger brought to us in the film have little to do with what is going on in the grand scale of things. While separated, it still is important to watch the film to get familiar with the character and how it will tie in to the rest of the movies moving forward.

The film wasn’t boring but wasn’t amazing. It didn’t blow me away like how other marvel films have done in the past. There are certain things that I look for when watching a MCU movie and that is humor, likable characters, and stunning action and effects.

The movie unfortunately wasn’t that funny. I did chuckle and laugh out loud a few times but these jokes were very predictable. Those punch lines you can see a mile away. The comedy that I was getting from other Marvel films, I know that they could have done a lot better than what I witnessed.

There wasn’t a lot of characters in this film to be developed. Everyone kind of played their part and stayed within the guidelines of their part. With the exception of one character that I hope we see in the future. That character is Baron Mondo played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. By the end of the film you will want to see more of him. Apparently the character I wanted to see more of out of everyone didn’t even have any lines to speak. It was the cloak that is worn by Strange himself. Like carpet from Disney’s Aladdin, the cloak quickly bonds with his partner in crime and gives most of laughs in the process.

The effects were similar to Inception in regards to the world bending factor and that was something visually stunning to look at. I do recommend seeing this in 3D. I believe it was very effective in giving you a stimulating experience. I would say this film is not one of my favorites. It’s down there with Iron Man 2 & 3. The movie should still be seen, it is vital to the bigger picture. You won’t be lost skipping this film but if you are going to watch this, its best to be seen on the big screen.

+1/2 Not what I usually get from a Marvel movie. Decent
+1 Acting was good. Benedict is a great choice to play the Doctor.
+1/2 a lot of plot holes and rushed character development.
+1 I do recommend for anyone who is following the MCU
+1/2 I would watch to see the cloak again. Otherwise, I got what I needed from the movie.

3 1/2 out of 5


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