7 of My Favorite Halloween Movie Traditions I Watch Each Year


So it’s that time of year again. It’s Halloween again and what that usually means is that you are looking forward to going trick or treating, going to a costume party, or hitting the bars for some drinks. You could be that person who does all the above. At any rate, if you are like me, you use this month to watch horror movies or re watch your favorite movies that remind you of Halloween. We’ve all got one or two that we enjoy watching every year around this time. These movies get you in the that holiday mood. ABCFamily Freeform every year has the 13 nights of Halloween where they show family friendly films with a spooky or Halloween twist. Some examples are Casper or The Addams Family air the last 13 days of Oct leading up to Halloween. You may have read my list of Anti-Christmas movies I enjoy watching every year. Here is a list of Halloween movie traditions I watch each October.

Ernest Scared Stupid

This is one of my favorite movies growing up. Not many people know about it but this movie was the solution to having more movies with the loveable Ernest P. Worrell. We already had him save Christmas, now he is scared stupid playing a janitor to a small town who is destined to save the townspeople from a troll which he accidentally unleashed onto the town in the first place. I think Jim Varney R.I.P. is great. He had a character that was completely original, unforgettable, and also his own. No one can replace him. Plus, it has Eartha Kitt. Enough said.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark

The first women I can remember ever having so much sass and wit to not look away. How unique and iconic Cassandra Petersen is. Still a legend and a beauty. Aside from making fun and commentary to horrible B rated horror and sci-fi films she made a full length movie that was perfect for her. She turns a “beaver cleaver like” town upside down with her dark, goth, and sexual persona as she inherits a home from a dead relative. Upon learning more about her late great aunt, she uncovers that she is a descendent of a witch and must protect her inheritance before it falls into the wrong hands. This woman is the comeback queen and has just enough talk about witches, magic, demons, warlocks to make for a good Halloween movie.

Cabin in the Woods

I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s work. Even though he didn’t direct this feature, his fingerprints are all over it. Including Cloverfield’s director Drew Goddard. When these two get together, they do great things and this is one of those gems. A horror/comedy with a twist. A big one at that comes to life as what is called a “love letter” to horror movie fanatics. They took the most cliché and over used storyline and turned it into one of the most clever and original stories ever told. Its creepy, bloody, but also hilarious. If you like horror movies, this movie is great to watch on Halloween. I watch this every year since its release in 2012. Below is a clip of the movie, as I advise you not to watch the trailer. The trailer gives away too much. If you don’t know anything about this movie, get ready for a wild ride.

Trick r’ Treat

This is one of my favorite Halloween themed movies of all time. Four different stories that all take place in the same night, Halloween. Told in different order, the stories all end up connecting keeping the viewer on their toes. So entertaining and such a great cast to bring all the characters to life. The movie has such a great following that they plan to come out with a sequel. This is a perfect Halloween movie but it is rated R so keep that in mind. Not for the kids. The amazing trailer is below.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Who doesn’t like this movie. Tim Burton like picture with an entire score composed by Danny Elfman himself giving us a whimsical journey down holiday lane with a fun story of a world where each holiday has their own town and what would happen if two holiday worlds collided. An amazing soundtrack with beautiful stop motion animation, this is a cult classic for all ages. This is the one movie I am surprised never released a TV series. Every year they manage to bring the movie back to theatres in 3D. I look forward to watching this every year.


Mike Myers, not to be confused with Austin Powers himself, is one of the most notorious and accidental serial killers out there. On a mission to kill just one person he keeps killing everyone and anyone who stands in his way. Talk about a scary movie that hasn’t lost its touch. To that creepy mask and that chilling soundtrack, to the scream from Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen herself, Halloween is a movie that will give you the chills at least twice while watching. It is definitely a movie worth watching around this time of year. Here is one of those scariest scenes:

Hocus Pocus

Last but definitely not least is the one and only original Disney movie Hocus Pocus. What can I say about this fun wonderful movie. This is one of my favorite movies of all times and this movie is considered one of the best Halloween movies of all times. Not a huge success at the box office but it definitely has a following. The women who played the iconic Sanderson sisters would be okay with doing a follow-up. It’s cheesy, its fun, its Halloween. It makes its way into theatres in most cities and airs on Freeform almost every day during October. If you get a chance to watch it again, do it. The movie still holds up to this day. There are countless parodies on stage, Disneyworld bringing it back to life during Halloweentime, petitions for a sequel by countless fans. This movie isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will not be forgotten.

Well there you have it. The list of movies I love to watch every October leading to Halloween. Of course those are not the only movies out there that are good this time of year. What are some of your favorites that I didn’t mention? List them in the comment section.

Honorable mentions:

The Monster Squad
The Witches
The Worst Witch
The Craft
Goosebumps the Movie
A Nightmare on Elm Street
IT Follows



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