Double Take: Go (1999)

Go, the young adult answer to Pulp Fiction.

This week I went with a movie that really resonated with me back then. After watching Pulp Fiction I was fascinated with the idea of having multiple interwoven plotlines mashed up into one movie. This is where you have many characters and stories in one movie but it is shown in different order and all connect in a specific way. Most of the movie also takes place during a 24 hour period. I always say that the best movies take place in one day. I really like putting the pieces together or just seeing the same story being played out from different perspectives. I remember this movie being a lot of fun, different, and also I was just turning 18 so I felt like such an adult finally able to go to the movies without an adult present with me and one that I didn’t have to sneak into to watch. Shhh…don’t tell anyone. I want to see if this movie still holds up to how it made me feel back then.


Katie Holmes and Nathan Bexton making the best of their holiday work shift.

So after re-watching this movie again one thing stood out to me so much was the cast. I can’t believe how many people who are now well-known today were in this ensemble cast. Sarah Polley (Dawn of the Dead 2004) who before this, all I remember her in was the kid’s TV show Ramona, is at the center of it all as Ronna, who is just fed up with her dead in job at the supermarket as a cashier, in a town full of drugs and junkies. She is short on rent and needs money fast. She sees an opportunity to make some quick cash by contacting a drug dealer her co-worker Simon (Desmond Askew, TV’s Roswell) goes to and sell Ecstasy at a Christmas Party. Meanwhile Simon is in Vegas with his 3 friends to commit some sin and debauchery. Last, you have Adam and Zack, played by Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr respectively as two people caught in the middle as two guys looking to score some drugs. The perspectives of the same night is told through them and Hijinks ensues. Happy Holidays.


Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr way in over their head in trouble.

This movie reminded me a lot of Gregg Araki. Araki is famous for his post apocalyptic teenage trilogy watching kids doing a lot of sex, drugs, and violence. He has a knack for involving a lot of up and comers in the 90’s. His work is pretty out there, dark, unique, original, and heavy R rated. This however, is less indie and more entertaining in the Hollywood format but still has that same kind of feel that you can possibly see anything. If you want to watch a movie where kids make a lot of stupid decision to a 90’s soundtrack that will make you bob your head up and down from nostalgic this would be a fun ride for you. Again, did I mention the cast. In case you decide to check it out, there is a cameo towards the end of the movie that will make your jaw drop. At least for me, I had no idea this person was in this movie. The movie was shown in an order that will keep your attention to the point where it ties all together, you will give it points for its continuity skills and cleverness. I believe this movie is still effective in providing the right choice of activity that will give you that certain escape needed to live the lives of someone else other than yourself that you probably wouldn’t think to do on your own. I believe this movie still works today. If anything it was fun to see some of these actors play parts they probably would never do again in their career.

4 out of 5 (1999)
3 1/2 out of 5 (2016)


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