Movie Review: The Girl on the Train

Girl on the Train has some great moments to keep your attention but falls flat once everything is wrapped together.

the-girl-on-the-train-e1469049250303Emily Blunt(Devil Wears Prada) leads the cast in this dark, gritty, and seductive mystery as a woman named Rachel Watson who recently had a divorce from her former husband Tom played by Justin Theroux (HBO’s The Leftovers, a.k.a. the jogger in the grey sweatpants). Since the divorce you can say that Rachel has hit almost rock bottom by drinking any chance she gets and creating an obsession with two other women. While she is riding on the train every day she passes by slowly enough to be able to get a good look at two homes neighboring each other. In one home she sees the perfect couple, a couple that everyone would want to be in. In the other is her former husband shacked up with a new wife and they now have a child together. This voyeurism leads to obsession than stalking which unravels in a mystery that she is hellbent on solving while dealing with her own inner demons and past behaviors.

One Hour Photo meets Gone Girl

So there is definitely a mystery to watch in this film. They have set up all the pieces you need to try to figure something out. The characters laid out are somewhat interesting to care. A little one-dimensional if you ask me. I’d say the pace and structure of the story gives off a Gone Girl vibe. There is a bit more narration then I could handle so get use to that. There are a lot of flashbacks and time jumps so make sure you are paying attention. I am giving it a little bit of a lower score because for me at least, the “answer” was sort of laid out for me. I won’t say how I figured it out but I don’t think the director trusted the viewers to figure it out or keep up for themselves. There were a lot of mystery clichés in the film that if you have watched enough, you will know what is going on. Some of you may prefer that and that’s okay. It’s also very sexual. Luke Evans stars as one part of the “perfect” couple as the handsome and sexy husband. for the first half of the film he is used as a sex object. Congrats to him for  getting the most nudity in the film but then once he starts to speak he becomes more involved but still not interesting enough to make the movie any better. No offense to Luke. He played the part he was given.


Rebecca Ferguson playing Anna Watson, the 2nd wife.

This movie is like One Hour Photo meets Gone Girl. Both movies are better than this one but again, this movie can give you a little something to cringe over. The audiences moaned and looked away a little at a few parts. Just make sure to pay attention or you might get confused.

+1/2 Interesting, nice mystery set up. Predictable and repetitive.
+1 acting was good. Believable.
+1/2 Scattered timeline, mediocre mystery
+1/2 Some may find this good but not good enough to watch at the movies. Wait till it’s on demand
+0 no need to see this movie again unless you want to look at Evans bare cheeks again.

2 1/2 out of 5


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