Double Take: E for Event Horizon

When you ask someone “What is one of the scariest movies they have seen?” One common answer is Event Horizon. Till this day I can’t figure out why. I guess you can say this movie reach a bit of cult classic status since over the years I have heard someone bring this movie up as one of the best Sci-Fi/horror films out there. I went to the movies to see this and I don’t have great memories of this movie. The only memory I have is that a hand floated across someones face real close to the screen which scared the hell out of me. Unfortunately, that was the only thing good about this movie.

So this week I have decided to watch this film again to see if i would have a better understanding and appreciation for it now that I am older and wiser. Released back in 1997 Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil Franchise) directed the film involving a rescue team who is responding to a signal located on the ship named Event Horizon. Once they find the ship, they learn why the crew and the ship went missing. Bring on the Terror!

Paul Anderson is no stranger to creating bloody terror as you have seen with the Resident Evil movies. Before all of those movies, Event Horizon was an early example of his campy and gory ways. As a fan of such movies, I can appreciate his style. However, Sci-Fi movies are not my cup of tea so I might have a little bias towards the film already. Nevertheless, I didn’t find this movie enjoyable. Let’s start with the cast. Some names include Sam O’Neill, Laurence Fishburne, and Joely Richardson, I like almost all the players aboard the ship. I was especially surprised to see Sean Pertwee in the film who is currently on Fox’s Batman origin story TV show Gotham. How they were utilize is a different story. If there is one thing I hate, especially in a sci-fi movie full of smart people who are educated enough to go into space act so stupid when under pressure and distress. These characters are smart enough to explore space and beyond but don’t know the difference between what is real and make-believe. The result is the only way this movie has anything interesting to look at is when they make dumb decisions that get them killed. BORING.


Event Horizon brought on the violence, the kills, the slaughter. Think of it as a taste of what Hellraiser gives. The torture, the slow deaths, the screams. This movie makes their victims pay. The effects back then are pretty noticeable but I can respect what they did back in that time. If you happen to look this movie up on google and see screenshots of this movie, you get a hint as to why people like it so much with its hardcore brutality. However, most of those images are shot in a very fast pace image clip where if you blink you will literally miss it.


Sorry, not sorry. This movie still didn’t change my opinion. I am still not a fan as every minute goes by they thought of some stupid reason to stay on the ship, explore on their own, and constantly deny what is in front of their eyes. The crew in my opinion had no chemistry with each other. Just a bunch of people with over hyped attitudes that wouldn’t constitute them acceptable to be on a mission like this. The jump scares were a little cheesy to me. It just miss the mark for me. Some of you will most likely disagree and that is okay. I would like to hear your take on the movie. If you are a huge fan of this film, let me know why.

1 out of 5

Thanks for reading moviegeeks.


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