Movie Review: Clown

So I finally had time to get around to watching Clown. At a time when clowns are in the media a lot more now. With the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT, Rob Zombie’s new horror movie 31 involving killer clowns, the real life clowns luring and terrifying kids in North Carolina right now. All of this adds to the creepiness of this movie.  It may look like Eli Roth is the one to bring this new horror to the small screen. Turns out that Eli Roth, director of horror movies like Cabin Fever and Hostel, is only producing this movie. Jon Watts co-wrote with Christopher Ford and directed this movie. So if you were turned off by this movie being directed by Eli Roth, don’t be. However, since he is producing it, don’t think that the lack of gore will be gone. This movie is gross. So fans of Eli Roth will still get a taste of what he is known for. This is also a great time for any superhero fans out there to get a glimpse into the direction of Watts. He will be directing the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming.

Jon Watts brought the horror but somehow kept it fun because clowns are supposed to be fun but can’t help but be creepy. I am glad I wasn’t raised to want clowns for my birthdays when I was young but for Andy Powers’s character Kent, he never had a chance. Powers plays a Real Estate Agent/Father preparing to come home to his son’s birthday party who is expecting a clown to entertain his son and party guest. Clown doesn’t waste anytime to get started. Kent gets a call from his wife Meg informing him that the clown scheduled to perform couldn’t make the party it’s up to Kent to fix this problem. On location of one of his open houses, he stumbles upon a wooden treasure chest for some reason is chain to the wall of this empty house. Inside he finds an old school clown outfit, wig, and red nose. So he doesn’t disappoint his son on his special day, he dresses up in the clown outfit and plays the part as entertainer to the kids. Once all the festivities is over, he finds out that he is unable to take the clown outfit on. It’s like the suit has become his own skin. Let the horror begin.


Clown decided to give you an origin to why clowns are so familiar with American culture as well as why the are supposed to be fun and make you laugh and happy but still can’t escape the creepy and horror vibe they project. I can’t tell you how many times I had to turn away from the screen as some of these images and scenarios in this movie. Some horror movies just has that way of making pain and torture believable and this is one of those movies. The depth in which Kent attempts to take this suit off of him and fight against what the suit is doing to him just makes you want to cringe. I did enjoy all the characters in the movie. The supportive wife, the not so wimpy kid, and Peter Stormare as the know-it-all of the movie all played their part who if in their situation did the most conscious thing any human being in their position. Of course because we are talking about clowns its hard not to know the silliness in trying to make them 100% scary so some lines in dialogue mocked the idea of clowns being terrifying made the movie a little cheesy but still reminded us that we are watching a horror movie. Most of the disturbing scenes in the movie involved children and they don’t hold back.

With a few plot holes in the movie, very small and minimal, I noticed that the lack of parental guidance and involvement with their kids in the film. If you happen to not let that get to you, I think you will have a fun and scary film to watch for the night. There are a couple of cliché jump scares that you see coming a mile away. The pace of the movie is steady mixing in a few laughs and moments where you can digest the previous scene. This movie had a wild ride getting released with a huge delay and pulled from a worldwide theatrical release and straight to on demand before even being released. I’d say though it was worth the wait. This movie was different and for me pretty effective. Depends on what kind of horror fan you are, if you can dig a psychological thriller with a bit of bloody scenes, take a chance on Clown.

+1 entertaining, cringe worthy scenes, a little funny, won’t put you to sleep
+1 believable acting. Andy Powers as the likeable father and tortured soul is great.
+1/2 great premise but some of the execution came off a little cheesy and predictable
+1/2 Not a movie for all horror fans, just the selected kind who enjoy a far fetched horror plot.
+0 After watching the first time, nothing new will come out of watching it a second time. The impact is successful after the first watch.

3 out of 5 points

So what do you say moviegeeks? What did you think of the film? Comment below.

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