Double Take: Arachnophobia

So two weeks ago I posted a project idea that will take 27 weeks to complete to test the theory if movies get better with age. In other words, can a movie hold up to the memory from when you first watched it, as you get older can a movie you hated be better now that you can analyze it better, etc. For a recap here is the post. My first entry was 3 Ninjas, which was a delight to watch again. This weeks Throwback Thursday Double Take is Arachnophobia. I don’t know about you but I have a fear of spiders. Not may favorite thing to be near. So when I watched this movie as a child, it terrified me. I do remember liking this movie a lot. It still makes me jump when any time I watch it. Rated at PG-13 as a comedy/horror/drama, the film was pretty effective. From what I can remember, I would have given this 3 1/2 out of 5 on my entertainment scale. Simple script, acting was on par, very hard to recommend to people, but still fun to watch and it is a movie you can rewatch again. Does it still hold up 26 years later? Let’s find out.

1 hour and 43 mins later

Anyone who has a fear of spiders would still be jumping by the end of this movie. None of the spiders are CGI from my understanding and they used great use of puppeteering which still to this day makes anything look real and believable. The movie didn’t keep my attention this time around. There were some parts of the movie that moved quite slow. Especially if you have seen it before.

Arachnophobia 4

I am very impressed by the use of the spiders and the timing of using them creating suspense in any given scene. I don’t know how those actors were able to act with these spiders around them. This isn’t the scariest movie but the gross factor was up there. Caused me to look around the room and pay close attention to the floor as I was walking around while watching the movie. As I mentioned before the movie is considered a comedy as well as a horror. That is because of the wonderful John Goodman who plays the town exterminator. He is great in this movie with his physical antics playing up the cliché of the overweight dumb as nails exterminator.


Overall, not as good as I remembered but this movie makes a great 90’s movie. Should this movie be released today, it wouldn’t do so well with its outdated jump scares and sort of whimsical horror. This movie is no joke though, they really brought the creep factor in this movie and once you get to the last 15 minutes of this movie, it will bring you an intense ride to a chilling close.

+1/2 Lost my attention a couple of times, still fun, gross, and effective.
+1 Acting was good. Believable.
+1/2 As a full horror this movie would have shined but a horror comedy without much laughs still looked like a family movie which is a little confusing.
+0 Can’t recommend this in the present. Back in the 90’s definitely
+0 Not really as effective of a scare if you have seen it already. Once is good enough.

2 1/2 out of 5 points

Check back next Thursday for another entry in the TBT Movie Edition. Comment on what movie you watched this week if you decided to do this project. What do you think of this movie Aracnophobia? Also tell me if I should watch Batteries Not Included or The Basketball Diaries next.


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