Double Take: D for Disturbing Behavior

So this week I had two choices that I wanted to do. The other choice was Donnie Darko. I love that movie and I don’t see myself changing my mind on one of my favorite movies of all time. I ain’t mad at Disturbing Behavior. This movie, in 1998, released at the right time. This is when all the teen angst thrillers were coming out giving the young adults what we want from all the teen horror movies coming out at the time. I remember watching this movie and having so much fun watching it. I was a junior in high school at the time so this movie taking place in high school made it easy for me to relate to it. Adding in the horror/thriller element made the film more interesting. Does this movie still hold up to the appeal it had in the late 90’s? I think I will still love it like I did when I watched it 18 yrs ago.

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Double Take: C For Candyman

Say his name five times in the mirror and turn off the light. Candyman will appear.

So leave it to my brother to take me to see this movie when I was only 11 years old. It was him that got me into all this horror and supernatural movies. So for anyone who has seen this movie, you know how bloody, gory, and terrifying it is. I am 11 years old, in a big theatre, it’s dark, loud surround sound, and me a frightened little kid who had no one to hide under because everyone else in the theatre was afraid too. With each jump scare and spooky music composed by Phillip Glass, I was hyperventilating in the movie theatre. Something that has never happened to me before. I had nightmares for weeks and couldn’t even use the bathroom or look in the mirrors for a while.

Back in 1992, a movie called Candyman, directed by Bernard Rose and written by Clive Barker, hit theatres and with the help of the unknown actor at the time Tony Todd created one of the best horror villain icons still talked about till this day. It has been a long while since I have seen this movie. Does it still have what it takes to scare the crap out of me like the film did before? I wonder if this 24-year-old movie stood the test of time as one of the creepiest films ever made.

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Double Take: B is for Batteries Not Included

Today’s tbt movie is Batteries Not Included starring Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, and Elizabeth Peña(I miss you) in a PG family film involving a cast of featured tenants in a rundown apartment building in its last counting days of being demolished and trying to rid the remaining people who stay there. With no way of stopping this from happening out of no where some robotic aliens come to help not only save their building but give them hope to live happy lives.

I can’t remember my exact age when i watched this but this movie was released back in 1987. It’s been a long time since ive seen this movie but what i can remember is it gave me that sense of fun and imagination from the cool robot flying saucers, to the likeable child-like tenants, and also the upbeat happy score throughout the film. I never asked any questions like, where did they robots come from? Why did they come to help them? Were they sent there by someone? Maybe now that I am older, i can watch this film and get some answers. This holds a bit of nostalgia for me because i would watch this with my cousins all the time so we can stay quiet for almost two hours. Let’s see if this movie holds up to its uplifting message 29 years later.

One hour and Forty six minutes later….

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Movie Review: Clown

So I finally had time to get around to watching Clown. At a time when clowns are in the media a lot more now. With the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT, Rob Zombie’s new horror movie 31 involving killer clowns, the real life clowns luring and terrifying kids in North Carolina right now. All of this adds to the creepiness of this movie.  It may look like Eli Roth is the one to bring this new horror to the small screen. Turns out that Eli Roth, director of horror movies like Cabin Fever and Hostel, is only producing this movie. Jon Watts co-wrote with Christopher Ford and directed this movie. So if you were turned off by this movie being directed by Eli Roth, don’t be. However, since he is producing it, don’t think that the lack of gore will be gone. This movie is gross. So fans of Eli Roth will still get a taste of what he is known for. This is also a great time for any superhero fans out there to get a glimpse into the direction of Watts. He will be directing the upcoming Spider-man: Homecoming.

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Double Take: Arachnophobia

So two weeks ago I posted a project idea that will take 27 weeks to complete to test the theory if movies get better with age. In other words, can a movie hold up to the memory from when you first watched it, as you get older can a movie you hated be better now that you can analyze it better, etc. For a recap here is the post. My first entry was 3 Ninjas, which was a delight to watch again. This weeks Throwback Thursday Double Take is Arachnophobia. I don’t know about you but I have a fear of spiders. Not may favorite thing to be near. So when I watched this movie as a child, it terrified me. I do remember liking this movie a lot. It still makes me jump when any time I watch it. Rated at PG-13 as a comedy/horror/drama, the film was pretty effective. From what I can remember, I would have given this 3 1/2 out of 5 on my entertainment scale. Simple script, acting was on par, very hard to recommend to people, but still fun to watch and it is a movie you can rewatch again. Does it still hold up 26 years later? Let’s find out.

1 hour and 43 mins later

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