Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe takes your breath away with heavy suspense lurking in every scene.

The latest thriller Don’t Breathe brought something new to the horror drama featuring the assailant as a blind man. I know that if you were like me when you saw the trailer, you saw something unique. Possibly, you were intrigued to see how exactly they can take this premise and stretch it into a full length film. Trust me when I say they succeeded.

The movie decided to go with giving us a protagonist that can also be viewed as the antagonist with 3 young adults who have become quite the team of burglars who hit homes under the home security of one of the kids making it easy to break in and not leave a trace. With a little bit of a back story, one in particular Rocky played by Jane Levy, needs the money desperately to get her and her little sister out of the clutches of their abusive and drug using mother. The score of a lifetime comes their way as they receive a tip of a man who may be hiding a large sum of money in his home that would set up the 3 thieves to quit the game and start over. Once inside they find out that just because he is blind doesn’t mean he is defenseless.

Having thieves play the lead against someone who honestly is just defending his home can be tricky to pull off as we want to care about our characters lives so that we can feel scared and suspenseful for their lives. I do think they pulled it off here. There has been other movies like this where we should care for the thief. For the most part, they can be viewed as the “Robin Hood” of the movie. Other examples are The People Under the Stairs and The Collector, where the thieves in question have a legitimate and sympathetic reason for doing bad things.

Let me just say that you are going to get a lot to be on the edge of your seat for. This movie packs a punch with a real-time timeline, so there is no delay for the games to begin. Once it starts, it doesn’t stop. The Blind Man in question played by Stephen Lang (Avatar) is amazing in the film. He looks scary, plays a believable blind man, also doesn’t hold back on teaching these kids a lesson. This movie also reminded me of Panic Room in a way. The cinematography reminded me a lot of that with long one shot takes going from room to room covering every angle. It’s not something that gets annoying but creates the scene and the suspense for you. They also gave you something to look forward to in addition to the trailer. Trust that you have no idea where this movie is going and when it gets there it packs a punch. Literally. Just when you think the movie is over it isn’t and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

In the end I think it did bring something new to the table to a premise we have seen more than once and it was nice to see something fresh that didn’t come off as mediocre or cheesy in any way. The movie was simple with characters that didn’t quite make the best decisions but still effective to enjoy.

+1 Suspensful, exilerating, unique, kept my attention. Manage to surprise me.
+1 Acting was great by Stephen Lang. If any of these actors did their own stunts. Bravo
+1 Writing was good. Unique and surprising spin on the genre.
+1 Recommend seeing this in theatres as it will be more effective with the big screen and sound.
+1/2 Not really a movie you need to watch again unless for the sole purpose of watching it with someone who hasn’t seen it to witness their experience.

4 1/2 out of 5 points

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