Movie Review: Bad Moms

Bad Moms had fun being naughty but mother instinct kicked in teaching us more of a lesson than being a bad influence on the audience.

Mila Kunis along with Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn play a couple of moms who are just burned out from their responsibilities and take it upon themselves to have a little fun, let loose, and stick it to the “perfect” moms who play a couple of grown up mean girls to the other moms in the neighborhood.

If you remember the trailer, it was advertised to be this 100 min long party where the moms go crazy and just get into so much mischief that granted them a R rating. This movie provided the symptoms of a rated R movie with a curse word every other sentence, drinking, smoking, sex. All while they still have time to squeeze in a PTA storyline.

I did enjoy this movie. What I didn’t expect was the drama storyline attached to it. Mila Kunis’s family was the central base of the movie as she was going through some stuff that kept you from laughing and more on feeling bad for her as you watch almost a family drama being played out. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of laughs but I felt this movie didn’t know what it wanted to be. The trailer also seemed a little misleading, so I wanted to bring that to your attention that it’s not all laughs the whole time.

Kunis showed that she can hold her own in a movie and play the lead. As in previous movies, she may have played the female lead as a love interest she excelled in this one playing one of the hottest M.I.L.F.s on screen. Bell shined playing a part I hadn’t seen from her. She has played the shy one before but never seen her play the butt of a joke for most of the movie. Hahn god bless her. This role was made for her. They probably asked her to go as far as she could and she went there. Let’s also talk about the gender swap of the male love interest in the movie, Jay Hernandez. So for some months now, the only thing I’ve seen him do is play El Diablo in Suicide Squad, who did a surprisingly excellent job in by the way. In this movie he is nothing more than the hot dad to look at with his limited role he was in. With a full head of hair, no tattoos all over his face. I didn’t recognize him at first. This guy is one to look at lately. What a change of pace as we are use to seeing the woman play this role. He didn’t disappoint either.

This movie again is worth a good laugh but I have seen funnier comedies this year. Is it a waste of your money? That would depend on your taste in comedy but keep in mind its not all fun and games as you do get an insight on what its like to be a mom in this generation. Do stay through the credits as it will make you want to call your mom right after you walk out of the auditorium.

+1 Funny, exciting, touching. Has a lot of heart.
+1 Great cast. Mila Kunis great as playing the lead. I want to see her do more roles like this.
+1/2 Not sure what this movie wanted to be. A hardcore comedy or a heartfelt drama.
+1/2 Recommend to mothers and fans of Kunis and Hahn. Otherwise, you can wait.
+1/2 I would watch this movie again. Only to show a friend who hasn’t seen it. No need to on my own.

3 1/2 out of 5 points

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