Movie Review: Sausage Party

Sausage Party gives you that R rated Toy Story”esque” movie you have always wanted but with food. Hardcore adult humor with likeable characters makes this a hit.

Seth Rogen and family are back together again for a raunchy comedy almost 90 mins long on how food reacts to what happens to you when you are bought and leave the grocery store. Let’s just say that their reaction is not suitable for children. I am telling you that every sentence in the script has some kind of swear word or inappropriate phrase you wouldn’t hear come out of your parent’s mouth. Unless you have those type of parents which in your case this movie was made just for you.

With the addition of some newcomers lending their voice talents to the movie like Kristin Wiig, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayak, I don’t think we have seen the gang back together since This is the End in 2013. Kristin Wiig killed it with her character as the hot dog bun who is dating Rogen’s character Frank, the hot dog. Salma Hayak as the hard taco shell had some great lines as well.

I was surprised to get a sold out theatre when I went to see this movie. I had to go to the next showing after and with the crowds of laughter to back this movie up makes for a better experience. The pace may have gone too fast so make sure not to blink or check your phone in the theatre cause you will miss a joke.  It was a little offensive in some cases but that is to be expected when seeing a movie of this caliber. There was a musical number in the movie and they got Alan Menken to write it. Getting this award winning Disney song writer to write a song for a movie about foul mouthed grocery store products should be reason enough to check this movie out. It became a little cheesy and ridiculous towards the last act of the film but than turns into one of the shocking scenes i haven’t seen in a very long time. I was just speechless i couldn’t even laugh about it. Plus, this movie maybe knocked Team America: World Police out of the running for the funniest creative sex scene ever on film.

+1 Funny, unique, keeps your attention. No boring moment
+1 Great voice work especially from Kristin Wiig and Edward Norton
+1/2 The pace is a little fast, no room to take in the joke you just heard. A little cheesy towards the end but fun script.
+1 Recommend this funny clever comedy that definitely test the bounderies. If you like crude and raunchy humor.
+1 This is a movie that can and will be rewatched. If for any reason to catch any jokes i missed the first time.

4 1/2 out of 5 points

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