Movie Review: The Final Girls

Usually I review movies that have come out in the current year but some movies slip past me and I don’t get to watch them until months maybe even years later. I finally had the time to check out The Final Girls (2015). Next to Cabin in the Woods, this movie put the fun in horror by knowing their audience, not taking themselves too seriously, and still deliver making this a delight to horror fans of all kinds.

It’s too bad that this movie didn’t get a wider release. This was a great movie to watch. Ever since I saw Last Action Hero, I’ve always wanted the same premise but as a horror movie. The premise is basically a group of teens who go to a screening of a beloved cult classic horror film Camp Blood Bath.

The daughter of one of the stars of the film (Taissa Farmiga) is one of teens who end up trapped inside of the horror movie and must play out the movie and stay alive to get out. The beauty with this movie is that all the cliché’ movie rules apply to this film as the teens who don’t belong to the movie can see credits on the screen, the suspenseful music in the background etc. So they play by the rules of horror movies to evade the killer so the final girl can take out the killer and they can get out of the movie.

This movie was excellent. The jokes were funny as they poked fun at the 80’s horror movies of the past. The movie and how self-aware it played out was great too. The players acting like the typical horror movie characters, the horny jock, the slutty counselors, the shy girl, the sensitive one. etc. I can imagine if I was stuck in a movie, this is how it would play out. For any horror fan out there, this is a great movie to see. It’s up there with Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil and any other  great horror comedy you have seen. The movie is a little more on the gory side but not as bad as some of the hardcore rated R movies you see. Clearly there are no scares in the film so this is purely to watch and be entertained. By the end with the blooper reel, it looked like they enjoyed filming it as well.

+1 funny, witty, fresh, and still fit as a horror movie.
+1 acting was good not great. Everyone played the part they fit in well.
+1 Writing is excellent, especially on how the movie rules played a part in the film
+1 Highly recommend the movie, especially to any horror fans out there.
+1 A movie you can watch again and show others to get their reactions.

5 out of 5 points

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