Movie Review: Nerve

Nerve provided some but not many edge of your seat moments but eventually fell short to provide any suspense as towards the third act you can pretty much predict what was going to happen or you weren’t worried of any of our stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco getting hurt.

The plot I have seen more than once as each month a movie on Netflix has the same kind of plot which provides people who have either hit rock bottom or desperate for money or attention to play a game that includes tasks or dares that go from embarrassing to deadly within one day. Nerve however, caters to the milleneals who are obsessed with social media and electronics as a game called Nerve gives you a dare to perform and if you do it and film it for everyone to see you receive money. As the stakes get higher so does the reward. As the night go by our leads discover that these dares are getting more dangerous by the minute and quitting is not an option.

Anyone under 21 would probably get more out of this movie than anyone else. Not that it’s a bad thing if you do but as an adult over 21 all I can think of is how the hell did these white folks get away with all they did in New York City. The dares were a little scary but nothing too crazy which leaves this movie very limited to what it could have done. Didn’t have to be a blood bath but give us something to watch. Unfortunately, this movie fell a flat to leave a mark in my brain. All I can think about is if you want to see some dares, watch the following movies:

Would You Rather, Cheap Thrills, Untraceable, 13 Sins and much more.

+1 Didn’t fall asleep, kept me interested to know how it was going to end.
+1 Acting was on par. Nothing spectacular done in their performances.
+0 No originality at all. Just something adapted for the social media craze.
+0 I don’t recommend this movie as there are other titles that would be better for you.
+0 I wouldn’t watch this again which is too bad because I do like Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.

2 out of 5 pts.

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