This Movie Is Going To Ruin Me But In A Good Way.

What an amazing idea for a movie and Josh Gad, who brought Olaf from Frozen, alive and into our lives is the PERFECT choice to voice the main character of this movie which happens to be a dog.

So how is it going to ruin me? Just watch the trailer and you will see.

See! Don’t you see what I mean? Have you grabbed your box of tissues yet? If so, you know you are going to have all the feels by the end of this movie. Marley and Me made me col (cry out loud) to the point where you can’t breathe and you need to catch your breath to let out more sobs and tears.

This movie is going to do the same. I can feel it. What do you think moviegeeks? Does this movie look good to you? Comment below.


Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe takes your breath away with heavy suspense lurking in every scene.

The latest thriller Don’t Breathe brought something new to the horror drama featuring the assailant as a blind man. I know that if you were like me when you saw the trailer, you saw something unique. Possibly, you were intrigued to see how exactly they can take this premise and stretch it into a full length film. Trust me when I say they succeeded.

The movie decided to go with giving us a protagonist that can also be viewed as the antagonist with 3 young adults who have become quite the team of burglars who hit homes under the home security of one of the kids making it easy to break in and not leave a trace. With a little bit of a back story, one in particular Rocky played by Jane Levy, needs the money desperately to get her and her little sister out of the clutches of their abusive and drug using mother. The score of a lifetime comes their way as they receive a tip of a man who may be hiding a large sum of money in his home that would set up the 3 thieves to quit the game and start over. Once inside they find out that just because he is blind doesn’t mean he is defenseless.

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Welcome to my blog


I have decided to turn this blog into a podcast reviewing good and bad movies of all genres because I just love talking about movies. Just like this blog, I will be reviewing films old and new either on my own or with a round table of friends I can gather together. 

 The podcast show is called “Movie Geek & Proud” debuting April 25th, 2018.

Here is a link to the Twitter page, make sure to follow for updates, and also a patreon page for you to support my show while also making your voice heard and covering the movies you want to hear about; will be coming soon. 

I hope you all give it a listen and provide feedback to make the podcast a show you want to listen to each week. 

Enjoy reading about the movies I watch in general in this blog. Suggest any topics or movies I should be watching. Check the menus for recommendations, a look back at old favorite movies, and thoughts on trailers to upcoming movies or other topics in entertainment. 

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Thanks for visiting my blog.

Double Take: 3 Ninjas

My first entry into my 27 week movie project testing the possibility that movies get better with age or can a movie live up to what you remember as a kid or young adult. My first entry down memory lane is 3 Ninjas. I remember watching this movie as a kid, wanting to learn karate, still getting the home alone vibe from it and just enjoying how fun it was. From the cool ninja nicknames they got, and using their skills to take care of the bullies at school to the chanting of the two lovebirds Rocky and Emily, this was one of my go to movies where I watched if I wanted to laugh or just put a smile on my face. With the story kind of similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the brothers who study martial arts from their relative/sensei, the ninjas dressed like the foot clan led by an old partner/student of the grandfather. The three bumbling idiots that remind you of Bebop and Rocksteady tasked to kidnap the kids but fumble along the way. Great kids movie from what I remember but lets see if it still holds up 24 years later.

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Halle Berry’s new thriller Kidnap looks great.

You know the theory about parents developing super strength and other abilities that are unlocked when their child is in trouble. Halle Berry’s new thriller test that theory in the movie KidnapShe is not going to stop until she resues her son from his kidnapper.

Watch the Trailer:

Trailer was done pretty well. Got my heart pumping. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Putting a Movie Spin on Throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday Movie Edition

Nostalgia is pretty big nowadays. Remakes and reboots of all kinds coming out of the wood work. TV shows from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s are coming back with an update. Also all over social media, you see the popular #tbt also known as throwback Thursday and #fbf also known as Flashback Friday. All of this has inspired me with an idea that maybe anyone who is reading can join in and do.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and i think now is a great time to do it. Ask yourself, “Do movies get better or worse with age?” For the next 27 weeks I will post a review of a movie that I watched in the past going all the way back to childhood and see if i still feel the same way about it now that I am older and more critical. This could a movie I loved so much it shaped me into the man I am today; I could re-watch a movie that was outer garbage and never watched it again; or it could be a movie that I only watched once and maybe need a reminder as to why I like it.

The reason why it’s 27 weeks is that I will be watching one movie per week ( I would watch more if I were getting paid for this) and the movie will be from #-Z. I encourage anyone who wants to relive the past with me post in the comments of my entries each week the movie you revisited, a couple of sentences what you remember liking or hating about the movie, and then share your views on it now and if it’s changed. My choices will probably reflect my individual taste or from my own private collection. Let’s see if time can change how we look at a movie and maybe something you adored or despised wasn’t like that at all. My entries will be under the link nostalgic > Double take in the top menu.

First entry will be next Thursday Aug. 25th # – 3 Ninjas

Join me in this journey moviegeeks.

Movie Review: Bad Moms

Bad Moms had fun being naughty but mother instinct kicked in teaching us more of a lesson than being a bad influence on the audience.

Mila Kunis along with Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn play a couple of moms who are just burned out from their responsibilities and take it upon themselves to have a little fun, let loose, and stick it to the “perfect” moms who play a couple of grown up mean girls to the other moms in the neighborhood.

If you remember the trailer, it was advertised to be this 100 min long party where the moms go crazy and just get into so much mischief that granted them a R rating. This movie provided the symptoms of a rated R movie with a curse word every other sentence, drinking, smoking, sex. All while they still have time to squeeze in a PTA storyline.

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