Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

It’s Wednesday night, July 27th, I’m fresh off work, and its my Birthday. I decide this is the time for me to go see Star Trek Beyond. I enjoyed the first two and couldn’t wait to see The Enterprise again explore more of the galaxy and save the day on their next adventure.

While the galaxy is still safe for another day, sadly my evening was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t totally bored or uninterested in the movie. This movie to me just wasn’t as strong as the previous two films. There were definitely some great moments in this movie but what I liked about the first two I didn’t see in this latest entry.

Lets start with welcoming the cast back to the big screen. I love seeing these group of actors together. It’s always great when an ensemble cast can return for the sequels. All of them acted great in the film providing that great chemistry and also delivering during those great action sequences. A big shout out to Karl Urban who plays McCoy, the team’s doctor and the grumpy one out of the seven intergalactic members. He provided most of the laugh out loud moments for me and was an important part to the story.

One thing I noticed about this film is that the movie lacked a lot of the humor I loved about this first one. Beyond was more on the serious side than humor. The story followed the team encountering a new enemy named Krall as he is makes their lives and the Federation hell as he has plans to take them down. Without giving too much away, towards act two the team gets separated and resulted in too much stuff going on. I found the film just being a little too chaotic and all over the place. With Krall’s auto toned scratchy voice it was difficult to follow this film’s story.

Justin Lin did a great job providing some great action sequences. The fights and phasers were flying great throughout the movie. Newcomer Sofia Boutella who played Jaylah, not to be confused with Jennifer Lawrence, was a great addition to the movie. She was a delight to watch on-screen. Boutella provided a very interesting character without too much back story. She kept up with our veterans in this movie.

Now I should point out that I am not a Trekkie. Do people still use the word “Trekkie”? So the back story, the nostalgia, or any kind of easter egg will be lost on me for this film if it should resemble anything to the original movies or shows. So I say onto whoever reads this that if you are not familiar with the original films or the show there is a chance this movie could be lost on you. The movie will make sense if you’ve seen the previous films done under J.J. Abrams. My motto is that you watch every sequel to a movie you have seen before. You stick it out to the end good or bad. To me though this movie felt episodic because there was barely any foreshadowing or development to most of the characters in the film. The villain was not interesting at all and I swear if the next one is built on another revenge plot.

I am still recommending this movie even though I thought it was the worse out of the three because it is somewhat entertaining and I think hardcore fans will like Beyond because it kind of gives off a serious vibe and range I believe the original movies did. I believe a lot of people will still appreciate that.

+1/2 for somewhat entertaining. A few laugh out loud moments. Excellent action scenes.
+1 Great acting of course. Good chemistry. Points to Karl Urban personally.
+0 I didn’t like the story and execution of the story in this one.
+1/2 recommend it to hardcore Star Trek fans and anyone who saw the first two.
+0 I don’t have any interest in seeing this again. I hope the next movie is a lot better.

2 1/2 out of 5 points on my entertainment scale.

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