Movie Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

The time has come. July 15 was the day America finally had to answer the question, “Who you gonna call?”. The most hated trailer on YouTube, the reboot that no one wanted to see is finally here. Paul Feig, known for Bridesmaids and Spy is responsible for this reboot and I just want to write this review to thank him.

Ghostbusters returns with a twist different than the original. Our superhero in jumpsuits are female this time around and they just happen to be 4 of some of the funniest women in the business today. Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones bring their style of comedy to the big screen reimagining the franchise that fans are having a hard time accepting. It’s understandable that reboots and remakes are looked at as projects looking to replace the original and be known as the sole representative of the material. My views on reboots and remakes is just a different artistic vision of work that is popular with many people. The movie paid the original a lot of respect which I think is good but I hope if they make a sequel they definitely make it their own. With that being said, I enjoyed Ghostbusters immensely. I’ve been excited about this movie since its announcement. My belief is to always see the finishing result before making any judgement.



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I enjoyed the chemistry between the 4 leading ladies a lot. McCarthy played a character on screen I haven’t seen from her before and she was really good at it. McKinnon stole the show for me, especially since almost every line she had was a purpose to make us laugh. Chris Hemsworth flipping the gender script, joins the group as their dim-witted receptionist. Hemsworth brought his comedy points up a notch following his role in Vacation. The special effects were decent. Reminded me of the effects used in The Frightners  Aside from the slapstick comedy you see in the trailer, these woman actually pulled in some heavy work and fought for the city. In other words, it wasn’t an easy to win over the city and the audience watching.

Other highlights I enjoyed in the movie was the cameos were well placed, the movie even joked about the backlash to the movie’s idea in the first place, there was no typical love story, and having women play smart roles wasn’t thrown in your face either. I can respect a movie that doesn’t follow typical movie rules. From an entertainment point of view, this movie was very entertaining and I am glad that I watched it. This movie made me want to play a Ghostbusters game again, made me want to watch the original again. I want to see a franchise built from this.

Make sure to stay through the credit to the VERY end. There are mid credit scenes but still stay to the end. There has been talk that the scene at the end could be a possibility to the plot of the sequel. Let me tell you, I will be so excited if it happens.  This movie is a great example that regardless of the majorities opinion regarding a movie, it all comes down to your level of interest and how you interpret the movie. If you have any interest in watching it, go see this movie. Paul Feig, I thank you.

+1 Funny, interesting, a couple of jump scares kept my attention through the movie. Didn’t like the villain but not enough to distract me from the fun
+1 Everyone acted very well in this movie. Funnier than I thought it would be.
+1/2 Some jokes fell flatand more of the original was in the movie for my taste.
+1 I recommend this movie. Kids, especially girls will get a kick out of this.
+1 Definitely a movie to rewatch again.

4 1/2 out of 5 points

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