Are Comic Book Movies Allowed to be Original?

In the past few months there has been a number of Superhero movies released for the fans in continuing the ongoing story in their respective universes. If you have been reading up on the latest news in the geek world, you will notice that there hasn’t been much respect for the movies that have come out lately. Some are not excited over the way they are adapting storylines from the comics; others are claiming that these epic battles between legendary icons are a lackluster and lost its potential to be amazing. All of these opinions are valid but it does raise a question; Can these movies be adapted for the silver screen successfully while deviating from the original script a.k.a. the comics?

Here are my thoughts on the latest superhero movies released into the world for our geeky pleasure. My opinion is in no way the final or only word on the subject. My opinion also comes from the perspective of not knowing too much of its origin in the comics. This is strictly commentary on the original work of the directors without comparison any other movie, cartoon, or comic.



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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice brings together the biggest one on one title bout that had everyone so excited since Freddy vs. Jason. It is a fight that was inevitable . The ongoing discussion to see who would win a fight between the smartest detective and the symbol of hope. This movie out of the three I am going to talk about today was least entertaining but the most intriguing. Mainly because this is the start of a new universe. The beginning of the Justice League. First of all, I love Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne. I will admit I was skeptical and didn’t understand the decision but I am sold now. Excellent choice in casting. He is doing the character a justice. See what I did there. HA! HA!1 The movie itself was a little too long for my taste. The movie could have been cut down just a little bit. Superman was just a little too moody for my taste. I get that DC is going to be darker and gritty than its Marvel counterpart but I was team Batman this go around. Jesse Eisenberg’s Let Luther is something I’m still trying to figure out till this day. I don’t understand this kind of Lex but I still found him very interesting and smart. His stunt in the middle of the movie was very impressive. I didn’t see that coming. The movie left me with a thirst for what is to come but it has nothing to do with Batman or Superman and everything to do with Wonder Woman and the rest of the League.

+1 action packed. Great fight scenes.
+1 Great acting by Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot
+1/2 The script was too long. Superman was misused in this movie.
+1/2 This movie will be rejected by most fans but I recommend watching it for anyone who has been following the superhero movies since day one.
+0 No desire to watch this again, I just want to see the rest of the DC movies to be released instead.

3 out of 5



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Captain America: Civil War is a geeky masterpiece. The Captain America movies are the best Marvel movies I have seen so far in the whole MCU. I love all the Marvel movies but the Capt. A. movies just bring that extra genre of spy/espionage to the list. The fight between the two Avengers was great. You have to remember though that even though almost all the Avengers were in this movie is a Captain America movie. This movie had more of a serious tone than what you would expect from the fun light-hearted Avengers you know so well. The known characters we are used to seeing have been elevated into great characters with more screen time and more involvement while also letting a few new characters join in on the fun with just enough amount in the spotlight. I thoroughly enjoyed watching every minute of it and can’t wait to see what they have in store next. This was a great preview and example on how Marvel can take on the challenge of incorporating a huge roster of superheroes and not have it be messy or all over the place once Infinity Wars comes around.

+1 Funny, tons of action, great use of the superheroes we know.
+1 Great acting by everyone involved. Black Panther, Ant-Man, Falcon and Spiderman won me over.
+1 Great story. I love the dividing question that separated the team.
+1 Highly recommend this for any Marvel fans or anyone that wants to watch a fun action movie.
+1 Definite replay value. I will be watching this movie again.

5 out of 5 points



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I am still on a real high from this movie I saw a couple of days ago. X-men has always been my favorite when it comes to superhero movies on-screen. This movie X-men Apocalypse and trilogy has been fantastic. It was great to see my favorite superheroes on-screen again. Not many people are accepting this movie pretty well. For me, let me just say that the death toll and violence being seen on screen has been increasingly strong in this one. I was pretty shocked on how many people were dying and how they were dying. This movie also didn’t play off as some episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. These mutants were in some actual danger. There were some intense moments in this movie.  There has been a little bit of comparison with X-Men: The Last Stand and Apocalypse. I got to say I agree with it a little bit. This movie was basically the villain spending most of his screen time recruiting mutants until the battle towards the end of the 3rd act which didn’t really make a huge difference and all came down to Jean Grey. My knowledge of the mutant Apocalypse comes from the cartoon that was in the 90’s. Apocalypse is used properly in this movie. I am satisfied with his adaptation from cartoon to live-action. I love the younger versions of Storm, Nightcrawler, and Jean by the way. Wonderful work done by them all. Not many will agree but with the controversy of the lack of the Asian actors and actresses in Hollywood movies nowadays, the use of Jubilee in this movie was a missed opportunity I thought would have been taken advantage of but sadly she was just there to bring in a younger audience and failed. There was no reason for her to be used in this movie if they were going to limit her to just being one of the squad. You don’t even get to see her use her powers for fun in passing let alone in a battle. If she ends up being included in the sequel, I hope they use her wisely.  It was also great to see the wonderful Psylocke and the potential she has to become a fan favorite. Unfortunately, the four horsemen didn’t do much in this film but just look pretty. However, a lot did happen in the continuation of the story which I am happy about. I love the ending to this movie and for big fans of the franchise, you will enjoy it too.

+1 Great sequel, great special effects, lots of action. Not a dull moment.
+1 Great acting from the cast. Kodi Smit-McPhee killed it as NightCrawler.
+1/2 Writing was good but I wish that the four horsemen had more opportunity to shine and show what they can do. Also a little repetitive involving Magneto and his tortured hard always being the cause of a lot of their mess.
+1 I recommend this movie. Not better than DOFP but a great movie and follow-up in the trilogy.
+1 I want to see this again in theatres. I know that I will catch something I didn’t catch before. Such a fun movie to watch.

4 1/2 out of 5 points

These comic book adaptations along with other reboots and remakes out there coming from origins that people have really loved reading about and watching on TV. Some fans are very protective of those stories with no room for artist interpretation. But those same fans also have such a strong opinion on how a movie should go and I will say that everyone will have their own version on how an adaptation should look. To the clothing, to the time line, or even down to the literal words out of their mouths. We should all be allowed to express how we see stories being told through different eyes. There is no right way to adapt these films, all these directors and writers can do a justice to many fans as they can while fulfilling their duty and dream to create their vision. I will continue to watch these movies as they come out. I am not tired of them yet.

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