Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

The follow-up movie to Alice in Wonderland (2010) continues the story with the return of Alice back to Wonderland to discover that her bestie, The Mad Hatter, has become fairly ill because he believes that his family, who supposedly died during an attack, is actually alive but no one believes him. Alice determined to get The Mad Hatter back to help, she turns to the White Queen and Time himself to go back in time and figure out what happened to his family the day of the accident. Which also causes a chain of events that could wipe Wonderland from existence.

I will be honest and say that the first movie didn’t impress me very well. I only saw it once and didn’t really understand what I was looking at after it was over. I expected a reboot of the Disney animated classic. Directed by Tim Burton, he brought all the elements he brings to a movie. Color, whimsical, dark, quirkiness, and fantasy. (2 1/2 out of 5) Looking Glass is directed by James Bobin with Tim Burton as EP. Even though I wasn’t impressed with the first, I wanted to see how this movie turned out. I enjoyed this one more than the original.


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This movie had great use of color, costumes, and set pieces. The make up was suburb and the special effects were great too. Very similar to the first one, they nailed it. I was actually able to tolerate some of the characters I didn’t like from the first. Anne Hathaway’s White Queen was less annoying to listen to, Mad Hatter was actually humorous with a couple of good lines. The new character Time played by Sasha Baron Cohen was a delight. His part in the movie was different from what I expected which turned out better than what I thought.

Danny Elfman, who is my favorite movie composer, returned to do the music again which I loved and it was a perfect running time for a movie also. This movie still wasn’t great. I wanted greatness and I just got okay. My first thought was, “This movie would have been better with more humor.” This movie lacked a lot of humor. Yes, it is a child’s movie but nowadays, movies written for children have a lot of humor that adults can laugh out loud to. Such a stellar cast and most of the jokes fell predictable and flat as a Alvin and the Chipmunks or Garfield movie. We explored a little back story from the characters as well giving them more depth and development but there is not much to take with you once the movie is over.

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+1 Visually stunning, great use of 3D. Definite fantasy movie
+1 Acting was great. Some if not all the CGI characters outshined the actual human characters.
+1/2 I liked the plot but the script was predictable and a little boring with less humor.
+1/2 I recommend this for anyone who loved the first one and want to see how the story continues. Not for anyone else.
+0 No need to see this movie again.

3 points out of 5


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