Are Comic Book Movies Allowed to be Original?

In the past few months there has been a number of Superhero movies released for the fans in continuing the ongoing story in their respective universes. If you have been reading up on the latest news in the geek world, you will notice that there hasn’t been much respect for the movies that have come out lately. Some are not excited over the way they are adapting storylines from the comics; others are claiming that these epic battles between legendary icons are a lackluster and lost its potential to be amazing. All of these opinions are valid but it does raise a question; Can these movies be adapted for the silver screen successfully while deviating from the original script a.k.a. the comics?

Here are my thoughts on the latest superhero movies released into the world for our geeky pleasure. My opinion is in no way the final or only word on the subject. My opinion also comes from the perspective of not knowing too much of its origin in the comics. This is strictly commentary on the original work of the directors without comparison any other movie, cartoon, or comic.

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Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

The follow-up movie to Alice in Wonderland (2010) continues the story with the return of Alice back to Wonderland to discover that her bestie, The Mad Hatter, has become fairly ill because he believes that his family, who supposedly died during an attack, is actually alive but no one believes him. Alice determined to get The Mad Hatter back to help, she turns to the White Queen and Time himself to go back in time and figure out what happened to his family the day of the accident. Which also causes a chain of events that could wipe Wonderland from existence.

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Movie Reviews: Horror/Suspense Jan-Apr 2016

Horror has become an interesting topic among moviegoers in the past few months. One discussion in particular is what elements make a horror movie. More specifically, a movie that doesn’t scare you isn’t a horror movie. Many people would say that a movie with jump scares is what a horror movie is supposed to be like.  Jump scares are those moments of surprise with loud music or sounds to give you that jolt of excitement when something pops on screen. That is the typical version of a horror movie that people have been accustomed to. These past couple of months I have seen a couple of horror and suspense thrillers that don’t necessarily follow under that category and some that do.

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