Movie Review: The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s 8th film The H8ful(hateful) Eight doesn’t disappoint with its sharp wit, amazing chemistry, and a brilliant cast. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing it Christmas weekend when the movie was in 70mm and a longer version than the 2 hour and 47 min run that I saw in digital. So that is an experience, I won’t be able to have. Either way, it doesn’t take away from the experience you will have when you see his latest film.


I love the plot of this movie. The scenario of strangers all in one place, nowhere to go, all with secrets and deception waiting to be exposed. Especially when you can have this all unfold in one day makes it even more exciting. In this scenario, It’s John Ruth a.k.a The Hangman played by Kurt Russell escorting Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character criminal/bounty Daisy Domergue. While traveling through a blizzard that gets worse by the minute, he encounters a couple of travelers along the way which he decides to help with a ride and finally gets shelter at a haberdashery where they encounter the rest of the cast. Of course this doesn’t suit well with Kurt Russell as he believes one or more of these strangers is working with his prisoner. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Some of you may be a little weary seeing a movie that is almost 3 hours long. Most of you who are familiar with Tarantino movies knows that even if it is 3 hours that he will give you something to watch the entire time. What I have deduced is that the reason this movie is so long is because you get to watch every single detail done on screen. The stagecoach traveling through the blizzard, nailing the door shut, there are more. You will see what I mean when you watch it. Some of you may get a little annoyed while others won’t care.

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The mystery and discovery of all the characters is very entertaining to watch. Each character and their personas are worth watching. They all also were given lines that are worth listening to. Tarantino is big on dialogue, he has a skill in his writing that just draws you in and keeps you focus the whole time. Seeing as this movie takes place sometime after the Civil War. So you can imagine with Samuel L. Jackson’s character Major Marquis Warren in the movie, he is going to be in the center of it all surrounded by characters who don’t take kindly to African Americans.  This is the part that I didn’t expect from the movie. The N-word once again and topic of discussion involving the hatred of black people takes about 30% of the written word in this Hateful Eight script. Which is sad because we didn’t get to know most of the characters in the movie because the movie was concentrated on Marquis Warren. Now I had already experience this in Django Unchained. Because of the content of the film and plot it made sense why the word was used so much. The time period in this film makes sense to use it too. However, there wasn’t much reason to use it as many times as he did unless he thought it would create realism for the film. I think after the first 3-5 times we get the point. So if it was unsettling to hear in Django, expect to hear it a lot in this one.

At this point, I think Tarantino is trying to create The N-word Chronicles with Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight. I am just waiting for that 3rd movie to come out to complete the Chronicles and he can finally move on from using the word so much. Aside from that, this movie was great. I was on the edge of my seat for the most part. It was funny, violent, bloody, and intense. The pace was very well told in chapters which made it more intriguing as to what was going to happen next once you got a clue from the titles of the chapter.

WaltonGoggins2Two more things. A shout out to Walton Goggins. He plays Sheriff Chris Mannix in the film and I found his character to be the most interesting. I am use to seeing him in movies playing goofy comic relief characters. I haven’t seen him in Justified yet which I heard he is amazing in that too. He was brilliant in this movie and I hope some nominations and maybe a statue is in his future for this role.

samuel-l-jackson-s-theory-about-hateful-8-mysteryLastly, towards the middle of the movie, Samuel L. Jackson is going to tell a story to General Sandy Smithers played by Bruce Dern, who by the way got the easiest part in the film cause he was sitting in a chair the entire time of the movie. When you hear this story, this could potentially be one of the biggest movie mysteries since trying to figure out if Leo Dicaprio is dreaming or not at the end of Inception. His story brings up the question..Was he telling the truth or was it a lie?

+1 I was engaged, focus, and awake. Didn’t feel like a 3hr movie
+1/2 Well written, witty, and smart but too much N-word for my taste
+1 brilliantly acted with a talented cast to keep you company
+1 Highly recommend this movie to anyone a fan of westerns and Tarantino
+1 this movie is worth watching again. If for any reason to watch someone else’s expression when watching it.

Total points 4 1/2 out of 5


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