Movie Review: Daddy’s Home

Its time to close the year of 2015 with the fight to end all fights. Not one MMA fight this year comes in comparison to the epic battle between Dad and Step-Dad. Its Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) vs. Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) as they fight for the affection of Sara (Linda Cardellini) and her two adorable but self aware kids Megan and Dylan played by Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro respectively.



My initial reaction to the trailer and the movie was very low. I didn’t expect much from this movie. I saw this on Christmas Day and with most people seeing Star Wars, there was actually a big crowd for this movie. Turns out the movie was better than I thought. I pretty much laughed throughout the whole thing. The beginning I was a little worried. Once Mark’s character came into the movie and did their scenes together that’s when it got better.

One of the funniest things about this movie is Mark Wahlberg’s character. When you look at him you see him as this macho hyper masculine type with a hard exterior but when you see him around the kids he turns into this super dad that you probably wouldn’t see when he would be around his friends or something. He is also a huge manipulator. There are people that actually act like this guy. They are just good at twisting ANYTHING you say to their advantage. Which works in this comedy because watching him outwit Will Ferrell was just hilarious.

maxresdefault (2)

Brad and Dusty in one of their dad battles. This is who can tuck them in the best.

The antics that ensues when these dads try to out do each other are not just simple “Who’s junk is bigger” type of acts. You are not just watching Will try and act like Mark the whole time. Will’s character brings a lot to the table that make Mark’s character feel a little vulnerable and tries to beat him at his own game. I appreciate that dynamic in the movie. Makes it equal between them and more entertaining to watch in my option.


The supporting cast in this movie can come off a little dry so it really depends on your sense of humor at the end of the day. Thomas Haden Church, who is a great actor, plays the boss to Brad and he is sort of a womanizer who is the bro before hos type. Then you have comedian Hannibal Buress, who I last seen in Neighbors. He is a funny guy. His character I think plays off his comedic style as well. What makes him a good asset to this movie is that when you think he is just a prop in an overall joke in a movie he actually ends up being in the movie the whole time.

Overall, I was pretty surprised I laughed as much as I did. I mentioned in a previous review that I wanted to see these roles reversed because I know that Will Ferrell can play a bad ass if he wanted to. Ive watched Mark in other films and he can play the straight laced guy who is all organized and by the book. After watching it, it may have been hard for them to pull it off for a 90+ min movie but it would have been great to see. You may think that Will Ferrell is a little flat in this movie also but trust me, he gets plenty of chances to shine and show you what he is good at as an actor. I mean just “I don’t give two fucks, shit hits the fan” mentality. The movie also wrapped up in the perfect way for a sequel. Chances are it wouldn’t happen. When you see it though, you will wish the movie wasn’t over and you will want more.

+1 Completely focus, not distracted, didn’t fall asleep
+1 Acting was great.
+1/2 writing was a little dry in some parts
+1 recommendation
+1 reply value

Total points 4 1/2 points out of 5


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