Movie Review: The Revenant

The Revenant, or how I like to call it: Leo’s journey to the Oscars. Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu pulls off another Oscar contender for 2016 following last year’s win, Birdman, with a gritty, violent, and LONG tale of one man’s will and strength to pull off one of the oldest revenge stories ever told. From a movie making standpoint, this movie pulled out a visual masterpiece making it more realistic looking and tugging at our heartstrings to root for the lead to live and succeed. However, film makers said to themselves that the only way to do that is by making it 2 hrs and 30+ mins. If not, these serious and hardcore tales are not authentic. So from a moviegoers standpoint, they could have cut out almost 45 mins of this film and still received those nominations. Continue reading


Movie Review: The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino’s 8th film The H8ful(hateful) Eight doesn’t disappoint with its sharp wit, amazing chemistry, and a brilliant cast. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing it Christmas weekend when the movie was in 70mm and a longer version than the 2 hour and 47 min run that I saw in digital. So that is an experience, I won’t be able to have. Either way, it doesn’t take away from the experience you will have when you see his latest film.


I love the plot of this movie. The scenario of strangers all in one place, nowhere to go, all with secrets and deception waiting to be exposed. Especially when you can have this all unfold in one day makes it even more exciting. In this scenario, It’s John Ruth a.k.a The Hangman played by Kurt Russell escorting Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character criminal/bounty Daisy Domergue. While traveling through a blizzard that gets worse by the minute, he encounters a couple of travelers along the way which he decides to help with a ride and finally gets shelter at a haberdashery where they encounter the rest of the cast. Of course this doesn’t suit well with Kurt Russell as he believes one or more of these strangers is working with his prisoner. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

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Rob’s WTF list of best and just the worst entertaining movies of 2015


Hi there moviegeeks. 2015 is coming to an end and I’ve seen a couple of original ideas this year. Some great sequels have been made. Also, action movies have made it back to my must see genre. Below is my list of the best and worst movies of 2015 that I had the pleasure of watching. Keep in mind that my list is based on my entertainment scale that I created. They are listed in order from worst…I mean the WORST to my picks for the best. If you see any movies missing from the list its because I don’t get paid to watch movies and there are just some movies that even from the trailer I wouldn’t see on a bet. Also I watch a LOT of TV.

WTF is written in the title of this article for a reason. Once you are done with this list you are going to be saying to yourself WTF. There are some movies out there and you just wonder “How did this movie get made?” At the end of the day, they can still be pretty entertaining to watch.

Click for a reminder of how I rate movies.

Bold = At the movies
Non-bold= movies at home
Hyperlink= Review on this movie

1 point movies that were a struggle to stay awake for

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (The worst movie of 2015)
The Lazarus Effect
Chocolate City
The Transporter Refueled
The Boy Next Door
Pitch Perfect 2

Movie Review: Daddy’s Home

Its time to close the year of 2015 with the fight to end all fights. Not one MMA fight this year comes in comparison to the epic battle between Dad and Step-Dad. Its Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) vs. Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) as they fight for the affection of Sara (Linda Cardellini) and her two adorable but self aware kids Megan and Dylan played by Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro respectively.



My initial reaction to the trailer and the movie was very low. I didn’t expect much from this movie. I saw this on Christmas Day and with most people seeing Star Wars, there was actually a big crowd for this movie. Turns out the movie was better than I thought. I pretty much laughed throughout the whole thing. The beginning I was a little worried. Once Mark’s character came into the movie and did their scenes together that’s when it got better.

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